Monique DeBose

Monique DeBose


Some have called my style 'jazzy pop' or 'sensual soul'. I call it eclectic- I call it me. I am a child of many worlds and my music reflects these experiences.


A native of Los Angeles, CA, award-winning singer/songwriter, Monique DeBose, has been performing all her life. After years of playing with bands as a musician, it wasn't until a brief stint with Merck Pharmaceuticals that she knew her life's passion was to express herself through writing and performing her own music. Influenced by Duke Ellington, John Coltrane and Ella Fitzgerald, Monique found her voice through the world of jazz.

She began singing seriously while at UC Berkeley with vocal ensemble, "Blacker the Berry", before soloing with Joey Blake, a member of Bobby McFerrin's world
famous Voicestra acapella group. Upon returning to Los Angeles, she produced and performed in the sold-out show "Sooner or Later" at the world famous Gardenia Club in Hollywood. She studied with vocal coaches Stephanie Spruill, Dena Murray, and Roger Love to get her voice to where it is today.

"Monique DeBose's music is honest, full with emotions, written from the soul. The style is a mix of various influences which gives it a special, but universal
character… with her voice she takes you on a special journey," Glenn S.F. Westphal, Perfect Solutions, Amsterdam.

Taking her solo career to another level, Monique DeBose performed around Los Angeles, CA at the South Bay Jazz Festival and TarFest - Festival of Film, Music & Art, and other venues before traveling internationally to sing before sold-out houses in Amsterdam. She performed with famous jazz drummer Duffy Jackson in the Latin Quarter while in France. She’s recently returned from traveling and performing in India.

A winner of the Simply Songwriting Music Festival in 2004, Monique will M.C. this year's festival. She is currently on the musician’s roster of the Los Angeles
County Arts Commission for 2005-06.

Choose The Experience: Vol. 1, Ready For Love, is Monique's debut album.

CONTACT: 213.944.0271


Love Will Be There

Written By: Monique DeBose

In the grocery store holding his hand
Torn between my heart and my mind

Walking down the aisle staring at this man
Asking myself how'd I get in this bind?

Almost six months and I've known all along
Feelings inside let me know this is wrong

I'm too scared to leave I don't want to be alone
So I clutch his hand, bite my lip and don't let it show

It's no way to live my life cheating on myself
I just want to do what's right live for no one else

I'm taking a stand
letting his hand go
Gonna love who I am
be strong enough to know

When the time and place is right
and my dreams are all in sight
Love, love will be there

Like a fairy tale I was walking on air
He promised me joy I didn't need to have a care

I didn't want to see that it wasn't his to give
So I close my eyes, took his word and through him I lived

prehook repeat

chorus repeat

There's got to be more for me
my heart wants to beat on it's own
Let me trust in me
and from that I will see
Without him, I'm still not alone

chorus repeat out

Walk Away

Written By: Monique DeBose

I'm sitting here
wonering if I'm on the right track with you
You're reaching out
and I'm wondering if it's just too late for you to do

Every time you call my name
you make me want to scream
And every time you play your games
It kills a part of me

It's time (it's time)
for me to walk away (walk away)
for me to make my way
without you
Oh, it's time (it's time)
for me to walk away (walk away)
for me to make my way
darling I, can't get by with you

You say you've changed
and I why don't I just cut you some slack so we can move
I hear your words
and as much as I would like to believe
there's nothing I can do

Every time you cut me down
I thought I was to blame
So every time you come around
I just feel the shame

chorus repeat

No more grief
It's washed away
With just these words
You've lost your place

chorus out


Written By: Monique DeBose

She walks alone to her empty home
doesn't have a friends to call
how'd she get here?

Extremely shy to passers by
They dont' know she cries inside
why's she stay here?

All she ever wanted was to find her place
All she ever needed was to be recognized

Recognize, she's alive
and she may not be at her best now
but God knows she tries
Recognize, she's alive
won't you spare her some time
let her know that she's alright

She turns the key to Apt. B
contemplates the night ahead
how much longer?

She doesn't know how to just let go
break the shell in which she dwells
Is she stronger?

All she ever dreamt of was to live a life where
Everybody knew her for the things that she did right

chorus repeat

Does anybody know her?
Do they share her pain?
Or fake like they don't feel?
Such a silly game

She's lost in this madness
trying to find her way
She's trying to reach you
Hear me when I say

chorus out


Choose the Experience, vol. 1: Ready for Love [CD]

RADIO AIRPLAY: on 102.2 JAZZ FM [London] and

Walk Away

Set List

Low Down Dirty Shame
New Opportunity
Walk Away
Ready for Love
Promise of Forever
Where do I Stand
On Your Way
Love Will Be There
Enjoy the Ride

Monique has also stylized TONS of cover tunes from the great American Song Book (Jazz) and Contemporary music. She rocks.