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A Different Perspective

Written By: Monique Gibson

Verse One

I've walked through the valley of the shadow of death
Exhale bitch that might be your last breath
Steppin in a pit that's so deep you can't touch the bottom
Bad attitude and you know we got em
Dip no finger in the water to come quench my thirst
I just got to keep on rollin like my man Fred Durst
Look in my eyes you know who you fuckin with
Look at me good you think I really give a shit
If I kill a nigga verify and say I'm the culprit
Man a bullet aint got no name on it
If it's another black man to lose his life on the streets
I'd kill another black man don't make no difference to me
Let the tears fall as far as every eye can see
Aint nobody ever shed a fuckin tear for me
Give me the thug life and I'm a select it
You think you know the story, now see a different perspective

Verse Two

I was fifteen first time I took a life in my hand
Oh shit you thought this motherfucker was my first man
I offered up my soul and the devil bought
Just keep your head right and you won't get caught
Right and wrong good and evil is delineated
By ten years old I already been initiated
Never had a daddy who could rescue me from the street life
I think my only real daddy was a crack pipe
And at six years old I start to stealin for money
When my mama kept the frigerator locked up from me
You can ask me what I done and I'll tell you I done it
Anything to ease this pain in the pit of my stomach
Anything to hide the scars that's all over my back
Mama gave em to me cuz my dad aint never come back
Shit...that's my invective
I'll tell you all about it...from a different perspective

Verse Three

He had so much to live for they tell me that
Don't nobody know what God had in store for him
Big things and big dreams he had it all
Question: what you pull the trigger for?
I aint the one that start this start this
Reach inside this heart of darkness darkness
His life filled with hugs and kisses
My life scarred with belts and switches
His mama held him with a loving touch
My mama's busy tryin to tear my ass up
Good for nothin nigga rue the day that you come out
How the fuck you think my life was gon' turn out?
You want apologies for all that it's worth
All right, I wish my mama never gave me birth
Just throw my life away I aint gon sweat this
You got your own story...I got a different perspective


I got a different perspective
It's a different perspective
Everybody got a different perspective
A different perspective, yeah