Monique Laflamme

Monique Laflamme


Lilting melody, odd time signatures, jazz-influenced piano styling, tappy folk guitars and impassioned vocals in the tradition of artists such as Regina Spektor and Ella Fitzgerald.


Monique Laflamme’s impassioned, piano-dappled screeds have been described as the elegant byproduct of a love-in between Regina Spektor, Ella Fitzgerald, and Tori Amos.

Her music caught the ear of critically acclaimed producer and performer Cadence Weapon, who then offered to produce her debut mini-CD, Cozy Blue. Monique was deeply involved in Edmonton’s vibrant all ages indie and experimental scene, performing at and assisting with DIY community art spaces and opening for talent such as Laura Barrett, Sean Savage and Doug Hoyer before she left for the greener asphalt of Montreal.

Monique was born in Victoria, BC in a spray of cross-pollinated seed, both Francophone and Anglophone. A pianist from age 8, her home was artistically nutritious and replete with protein.

Artists who have had a formative influence on Monique’s artistic output include: Tori Amos, Fleetwood Mac, Radiohead, Ace of Base, Jimi Hendrix, New Kids on the Block and Mariah Carey.

Monique is excited to make a contribution to Montreal’s art and music scene.


Cozy Blue Mini CD produced by Roland Pemberton (Cadence Weapon)

Set List

Sets vary from 20-40 minutes.

Cozy Blue
Wrong Again
Just as Far
You're so Vain (cover)
Famous Blue Raincoat (cover)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (cover)