Monkey Bat

Monkey Bat

 Seattle, Washington, USA

It is a compositional music, Somewhere between Rock, Jazz and classical. Interesting to listen to, very fun to watch, VERY difficult to copy. It’s like... rock & Roll for grown ups. The music is unlike anything out there. It is music that petitions your intellect while appealing to your sense of freedom and adventure.


Monkey Bat was formed late 2010 in Seattle, Washington. Scott Brian and Vern set out to build an instrumental body of work and work on the development of their compositional interaction. A wide range of influence and experience as well as the lack of pretense in their formidable period led to a unique sound personal to the trio.

While certainly not traditional "Jazz\Rock", their music explores the space between the accessibility and raw emotional resonance of rock, the harmonic freedom of 20th century classical music, and the improvisational sensibilities of jazz. Many distinct styles of music find life in the broad scope of their composed works yet, through the trio's unique musical personalities and unmistakable collective sound, the band maintains a strong and cohesive voice that ties the music together.


In Progress:
See for streaming media.

Set List

Question Mark
Snap Dragon
Sweaty Square Peg
Spring Time Love
Weiner Dog

Set currently between 45~55 minutes