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Monkeysoop @ First Friday - El Sol Studios

San Antonio, Texas, USA

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Monkeysoop @ Zero'z Hard Rock Club

Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Monkeysoop @ The Meridian (Red Room)

Houston, Texas, USA

Houston, Texas, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


". . . a brand of instrumental rock that runs the gamut from the fleet-fingered flurries delivered by the likes of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani to a more playful pop approach. . . features plenty of instro-jam action, enough guitar notes to satisfy most six-string fanatics . . ." Jim Beal, San Antonio Express News Weekender - San Antonio Express News Weekender

" . . . (Monkeysoop) lets it all hang out with fat metallic assaults, linear cascades, wall-of-sound embellishments, and shrednik bombast. The title track showcases flipped-out, speedy fret runs and plenty of notes . . . " - Guitar 9 - Guitar 9

" . . . good clean quality instrumental hardrock . . . for people into the instrumental sounds of Rush . . . " - Strutter Magazine, the Netherlands - Stutter Magazine

"Instrumental and experimental. The debut album from Monkeysoop is like Joe Satriani meets John McLaughlin. It's a must have for any music fan." -- Editorial Review -

"Jerry Connor's metal-erotic guitar pulled you out of the urban setting and threw you into the cosmos . . . an easy-on-the-ears . . . high-volume crunch, thrash, bright sound . . . the versatility and dexterity of bassist Erica Missey kept rhythm-to-lead-riffs clear, full, and consistent. Drummer Hector Cavazos' ‘punch’ supported the ‘Soop’s varied rhythms - hard-driving, changing, eye-opening, and primal." -- Ray Calderon, featured in the San Antonio Music Business Expo - San Antonio Music Business Expo


Monkeysoop - self-titled debut CD
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Feeling a bit camera shy


With a debut CD released through Sonic Wave International in June 2004, and a Grammy consideration for 'best rock instrumental performance' in 2005, Monkeysoop gives guitar fanatics something to talk about. The trio creates " . . . a brand of instrumental rock that runs the gamut from fleet-fingered flurries delivered by the likes of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani to a more playful pop approach . . . " (Jim Beal, the San Antonio Express News Weekender.) Monkeysoop draws on progressive rock, metal, jazz, classical, funk, folk, and soundtrack music for its range of influence.

Jerry Connor's twenty-plus-year obsession with guitar began on South Padre Island, where he would play while listening to Rush and Jimi Hendrix. His musical world turned upside down when a fateful accident left him unable to play guitar. Through college, he concentrated on music studies, especially theory, in hopes of becoming a composer, as doctors had told him he would never play guitar again.

Jerry's determination and up to ten hours of practice a day eventually rehabilitated him, and his knowledge of music theory and his practiced playing have created a guitar powerhouse whose creed is "it's all about the music." After playing with different bands across the country, he settled in San Antonio to write the music that makes up Monkeysoop.

From a family of musicians (grandfather and uncle both being die-hard guitarists) Erica Missey had an early introduction to live music and started her own education on french horn and trumpet in junior high school. While she liked the brass instruments, she had long been fascinated with bass guitar, especially the styles of bassists from the RedHotChiliPeppers, Mr. Bungle, and Aerosmith. On a whim she finally purchased a bass and began teaching herself, then in 2002 she met Jerry and joined with him to create Monkeysoop.

Hector Cavazos became Monkeysoop's drummer in September 2005. Also from a family long involved in performing live music, Hector's induction to drumming was mostly blues-based, supplemented with his love of progressive acts like Dream Theater and Rush, and his drumming style helps to complete and advance the Monkeysoop sound.

Monkeysoop is currently playing live and recording new material for a forthcoming CD. The band works to get its music out in all areas, including film, television, and radio, and continues to entertain people at its live performances.