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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Tangled Snark Party at the Monarch Event Center"

"...The next performers were probably my favorite, MonkeyTown, which first started as a one man band with Joey Gravis, and now contained Michael Barnes on bass and Rhett Hubertus on drums. As a novice to the beautiful mess that is the punk scene, the harmonica and synth additions in their songs made the sound, as a whole, much more inviting for me. Yet, this could be seen as negative because it made them sound a little more upbeat or mainstream. The long songs were anything but upbeat lyrically, though. Songs like “Gauge” and “The Endless Sound” are very poppy and melodic but still retain the intense loud and hard rhythms. Along with that sound, they mixed up their set with more traditionally piercing, fast songs as well." (taken from the featured story "Black Panda/ Ape-Shits/ Scrabble Robot/ Monkeytown/ Hoodrats/ Sober Daze/ Deadly Companions (Monarch Events Center - July 11, ‘08)" - Austin Sound Magazine


Independent LPs - MonkeyBlood, Departure, Shut In, the Cubic Trilogy, and the Death of MonkeyTown.
Meandering Way LP - Anthems for a Numb Tomorrow
Finished & soon to be released - Still Life with MonkeyTown



Joey started MonkeyTown as a one man band in Denton, TX in 1997, & released two albums independently while living there. After moving to Austin in 2001 he released three more albums, & in 2005 Meandering Way released "Anthems for a Numb Tomorrow." In 2007 Rhett Hubertus and Michael Barnes joined MonkeyTown, & we recently finished the seventh album "Still Life with MonkeyTown. "

Our influences include but are not limited to - Space Quest,Leatherface,Jawbreaker,Laverne&Shirley,the Fastbacks,Little Grizzly,Daniel Manus Pinkwater,Bill Hicks,Teen Wolf,Dead Milkmen,Boy Division,the Tick,Tom Lehrer,Michael Dudikoff,Darren Beck,Crimpshrine,Austin Moore,the Banes,J Church,ROBOCOP 3,Sonic Youth,Corn Mo,Dutch Treats,Happy Supply,the Belgraves,Silver Arrows,Kids in the Hall, Dee Dee King,Grease 2,FishBoy,Night Game,Ape-shits,BusDriver,Toxic Avenger,Michael Penn,Julie Ruin,Hamell On Trial,Kevin Kosub and the Black Tears,Mike Tyson's PUNCH OUT!,the California Dreams,Misfortune, Revenge,foaming at the mouth,& run on sentences...

What sets us apart from other bands is the passion we give to our music - EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT!