Monkey Trap

Monkey Trap

 Croydon, England, GBR

We're called Monkey Trap and we're surprisingly good, given how pretty we are. We can make you laugh, we can make you cry. We will bring you down, then we'll get you high. But something keeps us going, miles and miles each day, to find another place to play...


Monkey Trap grew up in Croydon and Croydon is what shaped us. That's why we're an unusual shape. Our influences are many and varied. For lyrical sincerity, The Clash. For energy, The Clash. For style, The Clash. For musical variety, The Clash. For singing in your own voice, The Clash. For not blindly following just one influence, Happy Mondays. What sets us apart from other bands is our poetry, our passion and our refusal to pretend we come from Dixieland.


Zinedine Zidane

Written By: Monkey Trap

A greasy spoon
Thursday afternoon
I’ll be leaving soon
But first
A job to do
Words to write to you
Cos I think we’re through
Or worse

I’m Zinedine Zidane on my last day at work
And I’m gonna nut the jerk who’s been marking me
I’ve been wasting too much time letting things get on my tits
Now it’s time I got to grips with what’s narking me
I’ve taken enough for one man
Like Zinedine Zidane

I wrack my brains for a way of saying
I’m tired of playing to your drum
But my brain is tired and I’m uninspired
And the words required won’t come
Like Zinedine Zidane, Maradona, Georgie Best
Gotta get things off my chest so forgive me
Gonna show those niggling fools they can push me till I fall
But I’m gonna take em all down with me
I’m tired of carrying the can
Like Zinedine Zidane

Oh if words could kill I’d be writing still
Just to get my fill of your pain
But I’ve shown my hand with a one man stand
And I’m glad to be banned from the game
Like Zinedine Zidane I was leaving anyway
It don’t matter what you say, are you still talking?
I’ve got better things to do, better people than you
Au revoir, adieu, I’m walking
And I won’t be shaking your hand
Like Zinedine Zidane

And I won’t be shaking your hand
Like Zinedine Zidane


Tom Robinson played Bus Stop once.