Monk Party

Monk Party

BandWorldNew Age

Monk Party is best described as a meditative wall of sound. Influenced by the rich cultures of eastern philosophy and devotional music, each song originates in the simple melodies created by Yogi Sri Chinmoy during meditation.


Sujantra Mc Keever says, “People often think of meditation as tranquil and passive but true meditation reflects nature and nature is both beautiful sunsets and raging storms. They bring the duality of life into the lives of their listeners. That’s a Monk Party.”
The trio’s unique sound, a blend of traditional Indian melodies and modern ambient forms, originates from the simple melodies created by Sri Chinmoy during deep meditative states. All three members are monks, although they don’t perform with shaved heads and robes. The group usually spends about two months per year in New York, studying with meditation guru, Chinmoy.


Tracks are available through the band's myspace page, CDs are available from CD Baby.