BandHip Hop

This is more than Music it's eternity because our lives go some much beyond a genre of music. We want to be effective as ministers of the gospel so we have to live for the moment. We are called to bring light to the world


And the two become one, is the story of this husband and wife team that have a common goal to reach the lost by however they're chosen to be used. Both having a passion for music from different sides of life, it was just God's perfect will for J.Peek and Kryse to be married and also share the passion of reaching a dying world thru music of hope. The trials and tribulations these two have faced before and during marriage along with God's truth have inspired and shaped them into the group that we introduce to some as and already know as MonoCcord which means one accord. But this is just a small piece of the bigger picture. With added members, we're covered under the group name Da Body. We're many members and one body as Christ is the head. Our Vision: To take modern culture and modify it with truth Our mission: To educate the believer with sound doctrine to be able to in return share that same life in love with other believers to reach non believers.



Written By: Jamaal and Krystal Peek

Verse 1

Am I ready for Christ return?
If so my spirit lives and my flesh will burn
HIS truth will manifest thru actions I show
No lite bright, it’s Christ thru my eternal glow

I was born More than A Conqueror built to reign
I was given perseverance just to overcome pain
Temptation can’t override cause He’s given provision
My life’s in a tap hold and I’m locked in submission

No weapon formed shall prosper, I’m saved by grace
Been washed by His blood and got my sins erased
I was once old (No Christ), I was marked like a tattoo
I’m made (With Christ); they say my life is a taboo

Warfare, my wife and I, killin the flesh
Cause the Word says “The wages of sin is death”
And In all things can be done thru the strength of Christ
My ways of life changed since he’s paid the price

Hook (2x)
Been set free, just to give you facts
Our souls in tact, tell us can you holla back (I’m chosen)
We’ve been called to prepare the way
We live today, cause Christ is the way (I’m chosen)

Verse 2

Called and overlooked like David they snooze
Man after God’s heart so in war they lose
I’ve been called with a gift to lead since way back
Break holds of the devil in Christ I claim that

Slingshot kills giants Philippians 4:13
Broken to be molded so I carry his dream
When I fall get back up cause I phene your Word
Dream instilled vision so I need you r Word

Cause plans I have but the Lord prevails
I inhale sin but righteousness I do exhale
Meaning what I breathe I kill so I can speak life
My ways of life changed since he’s paid the price

So day by day, step by step, (Seek his Truth)
The battle already won still (Seek his Truth)
Walk by faith, not by when you open your eyes
The cost of cross live for Christ gain when you die

Hook 2x

Verse 3

Satan would rather see me fallen
Place stumbling blocks in my walk and negative talking
(Check this out)
I’m rebuking every demon stalking
My life has a callin, when darkness falls

I’m no longer walking; I’m on walk with Christ
Eva since he came knocking (Now that’s my option)
I’ve been transformed, and made new with favor
So I am no longer a slave to sinful nature
God of peace would crush satan under your feet
So if (I Am) is in me than I am no longer weak
(Chosen), to preach the gospel, there’s no limit to our ministry
(Chosen), to be examples and pray for all our enemies
(Chosen), to win souls even if you are against me
(Chosen), to have faith in the one who created me
(Chosen), to stand on for Jesus even if you don’t believe
(Chosen), to praise and teach those who are naïve…..

Deliver Us

Written By: Jamaal and Krystal Peek

Verse 1
The name Jesus would most likely offend most
Lord of Hosts, Jehovah Ji, I keep close
You’ve been rejecting Him, intolerant like lactose
But that satan’s ruining your veins like varicose

Accumulations of generations of disrespect
You want truth consider this very direct
The way, the truth, the life has resurrected
And knowing this you seem like you’re unaffected

You mock Jesus and consults in mediums
Psychic networks you called and you’re believing them
You have ears and fail to wonna hear the truth
You have eyes but don’t see a future for you

You think you need a drink a liquor just to cope
But I know a God who delivers, heals, and mends what’s broke
Your foundation is missing so you’re in pieces
This is wake up for you indeed who’s in need of Jesus

For the promise man where goin to the promise land (hey)
For the promise man where goin to the promise land (hey)
For the promise man where goin to the promise land (hey)
For the promise man where goin to the promise land (hey)
For the promise man where goin to the promise land (hey)
For the promise man where goin to the promise land (hey)
For the promise man where goin to the promise land (hey)
For the promise man where goin to the promise land (hey)

Verse 2
Rise up from the dead and take a walk with me
To live for Him so in the end you claim victory
While on way to the promise in the promise land
The hopeless and the heartless man, I pray for you I promise man

We wonna steal souls like we play for Pittsburgh
For this to work we gotta stay true to His word
No more guns, no more drugs, no more fornication
To make love, to show faith, to show restoration

Cause we’re living in dying generation
Where the hustlers are the teachers
So the streets are education
Chicks shake hips and call it entertainment
And we called it “Lifestyles of the fixed and the shameless”

So they think they’re blameless, so the souls is aimless
They’re only one whose blameless, they only one whose aim is
To get you to the streets of gold, where he’ll unfold what true bling is
Cause He is the King of Kings

Hook 2x

Set List

30 minutes, 6 songs