Monocle create a breezy and continental pop sound while also adding a bit of shimmering noise and dark ambience to the mix. Reminiscent of bands such as Komeda and Stereolab, Monocle create a world of lush beauty that is filled with surprises around every turn


Monocle is a NYC-based group that fuses droning, hypnotic sounds, catchy melodies, and subtle shifts in harmony with thoughtful composition. Monocle is the brainchild of Rich Bennett, a New York City-based composer and guitarist. Bennett has been part of the NYC music scene for years, and is known for his work with Friendly Bears, a progressive, experimental rock group, for which he composes for and plays. Monocle's 4 song EP, Lounge Act, was released in April 2006 (Pralaya Records) and combines sugary pop chords, dark lyrics, and heavy sounds that balance the power and energy of a live band along with glossy electronics


2006 - Lounge Act EP
NYR - Politics of Photosynthesis (Stereolab Tribute)

Set List

Car Ride
Lounge Act
Secret Handshake
Air Phase
We Slip

Typical song - 4 minutes
Typical set - 35 to 45 minutes

Covers - always awesome and always super obscure. If you guess a cover we play, you win a prize