Putting it in short: MONOFUSE is a really exciting band, which makes awesome music! A sound that is awesomely combining rock guitars with synthesizers, natural drumming with sample loops together with unconventional song writing.


Putting it in short:
MONOFUSE is a really exciting band, which makes awesome music!

At first one wonders what on earth five such obviously diverse characters are doing together on stage!! And that is exactly the essence of this band that differentiates them from others. They have never tried to hide the fact that their band members are so disparate. Ergo: the band chose the name MONOFUSE to represent the fusion of five individuals producing a completely new sound. A sound that is awesomely combining rock guitars with synthesizers, natural drumming with sample loops together with unconventional song writing reflecting the modern mood into another depth.

Singer Pati Helbock is the heart of the band and anyone who has seen her perform immediately feels that behind that delicate, gentle facade a volcano is waiting to erupt on stage. Intelligent, talented and attractive she personifies the new generation of female singers - a femme fatale that not only raises men's blood pressure but also declares herself to be an individual, independent and free thinking.

One who experiences a MONOFUSE concert easily recognizes that it's the group's virtuosity that allows them to create their massive live sound. And it is also this virtuosity, which allows the music to remain ever exciting! But this band is not tied to a modern stadium rock sound. The individual band members constantly work on remixing their own original compositions in various electronic styles. Each one adds their individual musical talent and so fuses into THE distinctive MONOFUSE sound.

In 2006 Monofuse toured in:

Austria (AT)
Switzerland (CH)
Germany (DE)
The Netherlands (NL)
United Kingdom (UK)

In Jannuary 2007 the band recorded with veteran drummer/producer Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds, Elton John, Tina Turner etc.). The tracks are part of the new Album "The Point Of No Return" which is sceduled for mid August.

Check out the "Calendar" as European dates are being organized at the moment.



Written By: Hepberger

You are wasted - I can`t see no live inside your eyes
You are wasted - You don`t know why all you like just dies
You are wasted - The numbers on your screen are telling lies
You are wasted - The life you live is just a lullaby

Wake up man
Turn yourself on
Unplug the fake
And face reality
Wake up man
See yourself dawn
Ignore the lights
Step out tranquility

You are wasted - Don`t you know that this is not the truth
You are wasted - Look at you and you will find the proof


Come on out and face reality
Step out of your own tranquility


If Love Is Blind

Written By: Hepberger

I can see it in our eyes
The mirror tells the truth
We`re getting older
while gaining our youth

We run around ourselves
In search for a place
Where we can settle down
and be save

If love is blind I don`t want to see
The way that we all appear to be
We cover our hearts in a lifeless word
And shout it out loud but cannot be heard

We`re questioning god
But we all fear hell
We long for the sky from
where we all fell

This information age
Where truth is a lie
Can`t give us meaning that
we don`t deny


This life is so fast
A rush hour of dreams
The will to be first is our

And if we don`t slow down
We can`t see clear
We can`t clearn our eyes
so full of tears

We need a break
We need a pause
We have to slow down
without a cause

Or we will break apart
We will loose our head
We will wake up one day
and find ourselves dead

And the way that we talk, of our own weak faith
Will be washed away in one big wave

Wake Up The Dead

Written By: Bernd Hepberger

1st Verse
You, you, you thought we wouldn`t get far
You, you believed I couldn`t be a star

But let me tell you, I am the star of my own life
And I don`t need you to make me just one of the hive

You, you`re to blind to really see us
You, you`re to dumb so we could discuss

You better back up with all your media strategy
Cause we don’t wanna be part of your hypocrisy

We took the longest hard road
Never be misled
Now you get a taste of our load
Cause we stay until we wake up the dead

2nd Verse
You, you have plans we don`t understand
You, you`re so smart but you just pretend

You wanna show us how hard this world really is
But let me tell you it`s just the passion what you really miss

You, you want me to be so special
You, you need us to stay commercial

Do you ever think about the nonsense that you pray
Do you think it will make us go away


The Point Of No Return (August 2007)
Label: Pate Records
Distribution: Edel Records

Set List

The band plays a 45, 60 or 80 minute setlist consisting of the following original titles:

Too Far
Don`t Need Your Love
Come Inside
Friend Or Foe
If Love Is Blind
Get Up
Something More
My Own Book
Like The Sun
Addicted To Me
Becoming Sleep
Wake Up the Dead
Lay it Down
It Takes Time
The Point of No Return