Glasgow, Scotland, GBR

First I would approve whether the pronunciation was correct (monog. anon) I would then decide on whatever genre rolled off the tongue at that moment as it changes with my mood as the writer. I would then just ask the interogator to go to and download "Elephant Pregnancy" EP!


Hi, my name is John B McKenna, I have been playing around glasgow for a number of years. I've supported grizzly bear, twilight sad, frightened rabbit, sun kil moon, camera obscura, franz ferdinand, errors and many more. I decided to form a band with some friendly people who asked to play with me over the years, we called the band Monoganon and began recording and playing songs I have written over the last 4 years.

I released a 7" ep called "My Anatomy Ep" in Nov 2007.

We recorded 'Elephant Pregnancy' (ep) in 2009, and released it for free download on christmas day.

We are currently finishing off our debut album called "Songs To Swim To" which we will self-release on 12" Gatefold Vinyl in Nov 2010.


My Anatomy EP 7"

Elephant Pregnancy (free download)

Songs To Swim To, Nov 2010, 12" Vinyl