Solo project by Caroline Werbrouck of HaraKiri and Suspicious. Absurd home recordings, pleasant exercises in eighties, totally wrong drumbeats that - nevertheless - totally swing!


Mono'Kiri is the little sister of the clitpunkband Hara'Kiri.

Even though they have the same mother, it's not very obvious whether they come from the same father.
Probably not, as they are quite different. While Hara'Kiri is wild and full of energy, Mono'Kiri is calmer and subtler. Well, at least she pretends to be.

Wanna know more about the mother?

Caroline Werbrouck got obsessed by music when her brother took her to a movie from 'The Who' at the age of eleven and never got rid of that obsession again. She used to write several years for a Belgian fanzine called 'RifRaf', doing interviews and writing reviews about punk rock and underground bands. But than she found out making music herself was much more fun so she decided to play the guitar and joined 'Not Yet', the clitpunkinvasion in 1998. Four years later she founded the punkrock band Hara'Kiri and released the album 'HaHaha'.

Buying a laptop and learning how to work with Cubase, led to her solo project Mono'Kiri! No punk this time, but no/new wave influences mixed with electro!

Meeting Suspiria Franklyn from the Portugese band 'Les Baton Rouge', also led to the electro punk wave duo 'Suspicious', based in Berlin.

On her debut album 'Surviving On Dreams And Casual Sex', she was assisted by people like Dave Schroyen (Millionaire, Creature With The Atom Brain), Luc Waegeman (Needle And The Pain Reaction, ex-Starfighter), Craig Ward (The Love Substitutes, I H8 Camera, ex-dEUS) and Peter Van Velthoven (Inneke23 & The Lipstick Painters, Sodatune). None of the least!



Written By: Caroline Werbrouck

Some call me superficial, some think the lock has latched. But Life is so much easier, when you don't get attached. Always keep a distance, don't want anyone near. Hell yeah sometimes I'm lonely, but at least my life's quite clear. I make my own decisions, I'm my own biggest threat. You can't hurt me anymore, I'll do it myself instead


-Surviving On Dreams And Casual Sex (full album, Oct.'06 / Kinky Star)

Set List

- Locked
- Violation In Plastic
- Crash
- Dead Tired
- Condemned Love
- Unknown
- Player In Disguise
- Nipple Buttons
- Private Island
- Lover
- The Hole
- Two Became One
- Confused & Confusing
- Pancakes
- The Day My Baby Gave Me a Surprise (Devo-cover)