Monolo " Da Middleman "

Monolo " Da Middleman "

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Monolo has a style of his own and is trying to change the game of hip hop with his unique blend of Hip-Hop/Go-Go/Crunk/Jazz and Blues; He refers to it as Neo-Soul Flow. “I believe my music is giving the people something they can feel as well as listen to” says Monolo.


A child prodigy born in Northwest Washington, DC,
Carlos “ Monolo Da MiddleMan” Exum has been in the music game since he landed an independent record deal in the tenth grade. Monolo's debut song was a club banger called, “House This Out” which made it to #16 on The Billboard chart and had international as well as US success.
But even the success of Monolo's hit record couldn't keep Deep Concept Recordings, the label he was signed to together. Deep Concept Recordings soon folded after financial issues developed for the label. Monolo's misfortune continued when his contract held him bound to the label for two more years and wasn't able to capitalize on the success of his hit record by signing to another label, so for awhile his industry buzz was silenced.
Although disheartened, Carlos never stopped pursuing his career, nor did he loose his passion and love for the true essence of hip-hop. When asked why he still pursues it seeing how the industry has changed so dramatically he simply replied, “Because it feels good and I still have that burning passion, devotion and love for good music and as long as I have that in my heart and my soul I will continue to pursue it.”


Download the EP from Monolo " Da Middleman " entitled
Ear Hustla "the EP" now available on Itunes.

1.Hit Ya Wit da Ahh !!!
2.Sway (feat. Ebony Moore)
3.Mile a Minute
4.What U Thank
5.Duke (feat. J. Red) um/ear-hustla-ep/id412964982

His hit single “Hit You Wit Da Ahh!!”was featured on DJ Destiny's “Rise of the Mixtape.”
DJ Destiny,renown DJ for Slip-N-Slide Records has his own show on satellite radio station