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Blow Up In Smoke

Written By: Jorgen Landhaug AKA Mono Martian

Once upon a time there was a girl
Who blew my mind she planted seeds
of hope and dreams inside my heart
i had for some time been trying to find
the peace of mind the one they talk about
the one you hear of that fills a void inside your soul
when i met you i was tripping i believed that you would dissapear like smoke

With you beside me i could see the stars
i didn't feel resistance at all
my heart skipped beats i landed on my feet

with giant steps i lost myself in you
i didn't mind i changed for better
i had that shine the one i only saw through you
we were happy for awhile
until my dream blew up and dissapeared like smoke

for awhile i was strong but then the devil came along
i tied myself with a wire i was trying to hold on
inside my head i was fighting a battle
where the devil's voice was strong
in my heart you seem unsettled

we can work it out lets not wait until tomorrow
we can work it out lets not wait until tomorrow