Three-part harmony, layered ambiance and rock make up the homemade folk sound of Monopop.


Jake came back from Minneapolis and wanted to start a band. He asked Matt and Matt said that would be fine. The two played as a duo until Scott moved back from San Francisco. Monopop began performing in Brooklyn, New Haven and points in between.


I Was

Written By: Monopop

I was just an idea, I was not a man

I was on your simple lips, you were in my hands

You told me that you loved me, and you love everyone

There are letters in my notebook that I never sent

I was fucked in Minneapolis, you were a kissing college girl

and I made up stories like that one, to feel better

and I did, oh I did

How soon can we make amends and fuck our pity away?

Because I'm sure that you've got more than me, I've just got apologies.

and you are not together huddled in those dirty sheets

I want to make you better and I want you to leave

I do, oh I do

I am a man


We are currently writing material and rehearsing for our debut full-length, with recording scheduled to begin in February, 2010. Aaron Dessner of The National will be producing the sessions.

Set List

Songs include: train station kiosk, bones, my old brother, occupant, graceful decline and i was.

Sets range from 30 minutes to one hour.