If you want to listen to beautiful vocal harmonies and some head-filling melodic songwriting, then listen to the UK's monoset. -Something to fall into that will caress your soul.


British act Monoset began life as a few songs on an acoustic penned in pastime by singer/guitarist, Graham Hulbert. He sought a quiet alternative to his heavier past and these initial songs were well received so Graham teamed up drummer Oli Hanbury and set about laying down some demo's.

Monoset continued in this vein for a few months, playing some successful shows and starting the building of local fan bases before deciding that more depth was needed to complete the overall sound. They brought in fellow musician and engineer Tom Platt to add a second vocalist into the equasion and Gav T on bass duties, and thus Monoset was complete.

With Tom’s studio experience adding another string to the Monoset bow, the band are fortunate to be able to produce up-to-date, top quality recordings of their songs as they develop, with none of the usual constraints. Open-mindedness and experimentation in this sphere is set to continue with every new set of songs.

Their sound has been likened to such established acts as Radiohead, Iron & Wine, PJ Harvey and the late Jeff Buckley while at the same time creating a feel and ambience all their own. From stripped down mournful ballads to rhythm heavy soundscapes, Monoset are an engaging prospect both live and on record.

Fast becoming a 'must see' band in the UK, Monoset are now eager to take the band to other people and places and continue to share their music with fans and new faces alike.


EP 1 (6/05)- 4 track, self release
EP 2 (1/06)- 5 track, self release- streaming on,
EP 3 (1/07)- completion of 6 new tracks to be
promoted in the new year.
Streaming and downloads available at

Set List

Typical set is 30-40 minutes, usually consisting of 7/8 songs. All originals.