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2007 Early Days (Layb - Berlin Artists)
2008 Hello World(Citizen Records)

Maxis and EPs
2002 I Warned You Baby (1st Decade Records)
2002 I Warned You Baby - Remixes (Superstar Records)
2002 I Warned You Baby (Superstar Records)
2003 Creepy Guys EP (1st Decade Records)
2003 Bo Bullet mini EP (1st Decade Records)
2003 Bo Bullet EP (1st Decade Records)
2004 We EP (1st Decade Records)
2005 Borschtchick (Moonboutique Records)
2006 Cocked Locked EP (Citizens Records)
2006 Cocked, Locked, Reading to Rock (Hammarskjöld)
2008 Cocked, Locked Ready to Rock – Summerized (Citizen Records)

2002 TISM - Defecate On My Face (TISM)
2002 Neonman - Future Is Pussy (1st Decade Records)
2003 Northern Lite - MyPain (1st Decade Records)
2003 Sono - Heading For (Island Zeitgeist Records)
2003 Phil Fuldner - Never Too Late (Kosmo Records)
2004 Glamour To Kill - Shake Your Body, Baby (Pale Records)
2005 Da Hool feat. Jackie Bredie - Bow Down (Kosmo Records)
2006 Electrixx - SecondLesson (Hadshot Haheizar)
2007 ProCon - Delia (Cochon Records)
2008 Mokkasin - Elazerhead (LeGrain Records)



Ramtin Asadolahzadeh and Erik Schaeffer were introduced in Berlin in 1999. They started to work together in the same month. Their first joint project was the composition and co-production of music for the German cinema-releases Harte Jungs (2000) and Liebesluder (2000).

Combining their respective music influences, in the summer of 2001 Monossurround moved towards composing electronic music. Their first release in the same year “I warned you baby� was an immediate success, becoming the official festival anthem SonneMondSterne Festival 2002 in Saalburg, Thuringia. The track samples the American jazz singer Spanky Wilson.

Through the success of “I warned you baby� connections arose between Monosurround and their peers. They remixed many artists including Sono, Phil Fuldner, Da Hool, TISM Northern Lite and Glamour to Kill. They were simulataneously remixed by artists including The Gigler, Shir Khan, The Raccoon Brothers, DJ SPUD and Malente.

At that time, parallel to regular live performances, Monosurround started working on their first studio album, Hello World. In 2004 the duo stopped performing live in order to concentrate their energies on the development and production of the album.

The EP Borschtchick was released in Germany in 2005 through Moonbootique Records owned by Moonbootica. In January 2006 the Cocked, Locked EP was released on techno DJ Vitalic’s record label Citizen Records in France. This EP includes the tracks “Borschtchick� and “Cocked, Locked and Ready to Rock�.

Having successfully released these EPs into the French market in 2006 and 2007, Monosurround played live again alongside acts such as Vitalic and The Hacker.

The album Hello World was released across different countries at the end of 2008: France in September, Germany in November, and Japan in December.