We'd like to introduce you to Monroe. A refreshing sound possessed with youth, the desire to create and entice you with individuality as musicians as well as a unique sound backed up with an eye grasping stage presence. It all started when pianist Aaron Bowsher and drummer Tyler Klimas met for the first time. It was the start of something great, something refreshing and something the Las Vegas scene needed. Starting as a two-piece experimental band, Monroe consisted of just piano, vocals, and drums; the ideas started to flourish. With the sound becoming more of their own, the decision was made to search for the remaining two members that would complete the lineup. Guitarist Robert Ragan was contacted by Tyler and was sent a couple of Monroe's rough mixes. Ragan, soon sent the tracks back with his guitar lines that added the touch they needed. Within weeks, Ragan was flying back and forth from Vegas squeezing in weekend practices in between classes at Oregon University. Next was bassist Mike McHugh, a perfect fit for the sound, the look, and the feel of Monroe.


We have a three song demo (New York Romance, Away Station, and Move) -- they have been streamed on Smash Magazine, YourLocalScene, Purevolume, and Myspace

Set List

Typical set list 5-6 songs, but can range from anywhere. All original.