BandRockClassic Rock

It's Rock n Roll at it's finest.Bringing back old school rock with some new stuff mixed into it.A lot of energy during the shows that will make you want to jump up and dance around.


We play rock N roll with a twist.We have many individual influences but we have all the same core of influences.We like Aerosmith,Guns N Roses,Motley Crue,Pantera,The Beatles,The Doors,just to name a few.We liek to expand our musical territory.What is different about us is that we just want to play music.We aren't big on the whole business side of things.We come we play great we put on a great show and we go on to the next.We liek to have a good time and we want to audience to have a good time.We aren't doing it to be like everyone and that is what sets us appart.We don't conform to what is good in music today we play what we like to play.We are 5 guys we different backgrounds and 5 different personalities.Thats what creates the spark that people like.Zack and Alx were in a band together already and they met Alek,MArk and Dylan through a site where you find musicians,because they have been playing together in another band.So that's how Monroe formed.% guys got together at the end of summer 2008and they haven't looked back.


We recorded 2 Demos.The first one contains 3 songs and was played on a AM radio station in Montreal.The second one was recorded not long ago and will be played on Chom 97.7 in Montreal.

Set List

It varies but we always play our originals that are Hollywood Dreams,Little piece of Heaven,Road Class Killers,Stalkin'The Streets,Bit Bya Lover,Got A Call,Cocaine Eyes and Fool's Pride.PLus we always include some covers which are Walk this way,Cowboy song by Thin Lizzy,Get over it By the Eagles,Don't damn me by Guns n Roses,Nightrain by Guns n roses.We usually play a 45 minute set but we can easily play a 2 hour Show if needed.Because we know more covers that we jam to when we rehearse.