Monroe Martin III

Monroe Martin III


Monroe's comedy is described as genius. He's been compared to comedy greats: Richard Pryor, Dave Chapelle & Kevin Hart. From his experience to what it was really like growing up in foster care, why he has queen size pantyhose to what MOB stands for, he will have you laughing at his misfortunes.


Monroe Martin is a colorful and imaginative comedian with a lifetime of hard knock experiences that have been spun into side-splitting jokes and stories. Monroe was born and raised in Philadelphia, one usually wouldn’t find Monroe’s life story laughable. After all, how inappropriate is it to laugh at a foster child who jumped around from one dysfunctional family to another? Sit in the audience of one of Monroe’s performances and you’ll find yourself laughing at his adversity. Monroe’s honest and open approach to joke and storytelling universalizes his experiences. Monroe’s creative and charismatic comedic voice has created a buzz within the New York comedy circuit. His intelligent and hysterical perspective resonates and has earned him respect among his peers. Monroe is on his way to becoming the type of comedian he admires—one who says exactly what he wants, the way he wants to say it.

Monroe has worked with big names such as. Damon Waynes Jr. (ABC’s Happy Endings, Dance flick, and The Other Guys), Kurt Metzger (Comedy Central’s Ugly Americans), Joe Deorsa (Comedy Central Presents), Hannibal Burress (30 Rock, Comedy Central one hour special), etc.

Monroe has also won comedy competitions such as the long Island laugh off 2012, Death at a Funeral Comedy Competitions, and Philly Sketch fest 2010,