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Monstababy's sound draws liberally from the the many sub categories of Rock that have emerged in the post grunge landscape. Somewhere between indie and alt Rock, with a twist of Pop and a dash of melancholia. Monstababy aim to walk a fine line between accessibility and originality.


Drawing liberally from the diverse sub species of rock 'n' roll that have emerged in the post grunge era, the sound of Monstababy is energetic yet controlled, powerful yet poignant, melodic and engaging, and difficult to define in terms other than a guitarist/singer, bassist and drummer endeavoring to play accessible yet unconventional rock and roll without being either retrospective or pandering to the flavor of the month. Past projects of band members include Firefly, Tongue, Level 7, Hybrid, Motel, MJ12, Clouded Combie. Monstababy are a three piece, and as players and writers/producers Monstababy have focused on filling space, and sounding full and fat despite the minimal opportunities to layer that is par for course within the three piece format. This ethos carries through to their recorded works, what you hear on disk is how they sound live, with the temptation to layer and overdub their recorded works beyond what can be delivered on-stage strongly and carefully resisted. The drumming is strong and intelligently structured, the guitar work is subtle and supportive to the vocal melody, the bass is percussive, driving and unique, and the vocal melodies catchy and engaging, delivered with a voice that is neither a Maynard/Vedder throat shredding roar or a Jeff Buckley-esque sensitive-guy falsetto, rather somewhere in between. Lyrically, themes and content aspire to provide a commentary of the state of things, seeking to document the conversation between external reality and the inner dimension of self. At the end of the day Monstababy aim to write and deliver songs, live or recorded, that take the observer one step away from the ordinary plane of existence and leave a mark, a signature feeling that results from the sum of its parts that (hopefully) both uplifts and lingers.

Monstababy have a self recorded and produced 7 track E.P. called 'Full Circle' out now. Full Circle was recorded, produced, engineered and mixed at Monstababy's own facility 'The Womb'? at Northgate in Brisbane, and then mastered at Turtlerock by Rick O'Neil. Artwork images for Full Circle were supplied by Michael Meredyth (check out tales from the Skinner Box on You Tube), and layout and design was done by Sabrina Lawrie of Redarc Productions.

Favorite artists include Frank Zappa, the Police, Tool, Cog, Big Country, Not from there, Dave Matthews, Shihad, Muse, Nirvana, Jerry Rafferty, 311, Sevendust, the Howling Bells. Monstababy aim to be a compelling and engaging live act, with diverse emotional and energetic dynamics through the set.

Monstababy spawned out of the ashes of earlier projects as bands often do, and have spent the better part of three years after reforming working to establish a pipeline of recordings and an extensive live repertoire, while simply spending a lot of time rehearsing. Live shows have been sporadic and rare during this period. Now Monstababy aim to build momentum and broaden their audience in respect to both Live shows and their recorded works over the coming months and years, and aspire to be a touring band nationally and internationally.

Monstababy continue to develop their permanent rehearsal and recording facility 'The Womb' to achieve ever higher production values in their self-produced work, while also working with Allan Lahey of Taramalin on recordings, a relationship which will result in an Album called 'Sound of Mind'? currently under construction. The Full Circle E.P is a teaser for future album releases, both self and externally produced, and was completed ostensibly to coincide with bands participation in the 2009 Australasian Music Industry Conference at the Acer Arena Aug 20-22.

'Full Circle'? is an independent release and Monstababy are very much open to any overtures of support and/or ongoing working relationship from any quarter of the music industry locally or internationally as they strive to take their music to the next level and beyond.


Spare a thought for the unknown

Written By: Ben Kerswell

I took a walk in the rain, I fell between the droplets
Lay on the road, the cars drove around me
Talked to the people but they didn’t understand
Made a cloud disappear, the sky didn’t care
The moon was a liar in the middle of the night
Took a drink from the river but the river didn’t mind,
Took a breath and the wind didn’t blow me away
Stepped on a lizard but it grew another tail

And if the sun comes up tomorrow
There's gonna be hell to pay
And if the sun comes up tomorrow
Spare a thought for the unknown won't you

I took a book from a man who said it had the answer
Flicked through the pages but the answer wasn’t there
A crowd full of people they were shouting at a building
Stood there for hours but I didn’t see it move
A girl on the TV said a war was going on
I looked out the window but I couldn’t see the bombs
The sun keeps on shining for the righteous and the meek
We in the middle have to tell these fanatics they're praying to no-one

And if the sun comes up tomorrow
There's gonna be hell to pay
And if the sun comes up tomorrow
Spare a thought for the unknown won't you

Theres no-one left to liberate.
Ooooooo yeah yeah yeah yeah

Keep it Simple

Written By: Ben Kerswell

Doll me up in shades of grey
Everything I’ll never say
Why not say it like you know it
We’re in the dragons lair all right
I'm aesthetic isn’t that a little bit like you
What you saw was nothing more than a weather balloon

Keep it simple
Keep it simple I told you babe

Who’s been dancing on my grave
I've been banished and betrayed
But home is where the heart is man, and a beach is made of grains of sand
Ain't nobody in control of the great unknown
What you saw was nothing more than a rawinsode

Keep it simple
Keep it simple I told you babe

One thing I remember you should know it
I was born with a message in my soul
It's gonna magnetise you

Your Way

Written By: Ben Kerswell

Gotta get my ass outta here
I hardly feel human anymore
Where there's a will there's a way
Every dog has his day
And I'm pissin on sacred ground
I'm sick of all your good advice
You can stick it where the sun don’t shine
When the joke gets tired where there's smoke there's fire
Hey bucket man I paid my dues

It doesn’t matter, someday you'll die
Let your ash be scattered,
Where the sun don’t shine
It's your way, your way, your way out

I set myself up for a fall
I wrote the writing on the wall
Why must we bleed for things that we can never have.

It doesn’t matter, someday you'll die
Let your ash be scattered,
Where the sun don’t shine
It's your way, your way, your way out

It doesn’t matter
Let your ash be scattered.


The 'Full Circle' E.P released mid August 2009.

Set List

We have an active repotoire of approx 45 songs, and we cull to 10-12 for typical 45 - 60 minute sets. All our setlists are determined by each member submitting their proportional number of songs to the set. We do not include covers. Due to the release of the E.P, quite a few songs appear in the set, along with some other songs from our repertoire.