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This has a great overall sound and flow to it. Every now and then, i always like to throw a street track in the rotation, and this is one that made the cut. Pretty cool story behind Monstaro : started to learn producing tracks during his tour of duty in Iraq. Seriously check it out, for an underground artist like monstaro, making a track as professional as this is impressive. check him out on our rotation at

- wghh radio in cleveland ,ohio


unlimited supply
rude boy
the bird house
im ashow the world
i threw my book on the ground



In hip hop comes a new breed from United States to Iraq and back out from the trenched of hell in war and combat to protect the freedom of his peers in the states. Born in Brooklyn NYC in 1984 and many would say he was destined for greatness from birth. Monstaro is considered by many to already be a living legend.

He grew up in a harsh Brownsville neighborhood where he started rapping in early 1999. Monstaro abilities and the blending of street and popular hip-hop is known for politically charged lyrics, criticism of the media life and different concepts of life lived on paper as a well put poet, and concerns for the United States of American with his time put in iraq.

He started his rapping career as many young MC's do by rapping over industry beats and generating a buzz for himself in the Brownsville underground rap scene. Being influenced to make change in Hip Hop he studied albums ranging from 2pac to Biggie & Jay Z to develop one of one finest new talents to market in Hip Hop as a true vet in the game. Being influenced by rap icons like 2Pac, Biggie,(to name a few) Monstaro began taking his potent rap delivery and adding his own words, writing his first verse in 2001.

Struggling to make it out of the hood like many young men do Monstaro decided to join the Military, of which he spent 14 Months in Iraq. While in Iraq Monstaro taught himself how to use a studio and engineer his own tracks, rocky at first through trial and error he has now mastered the Art of Music production. Monstaro has gone on to engineer in recording studios for other artists and continues to produce his own original tracks with lyrics to match. Unlike many artist Monstaro isn't husseling to get a recording deal at least not now, instead he is using his skills to make a buzz in the industry and make an impact in Hip Hop and if the recording industry is smart they will be chasing him for a deal sooner rather than later. Monstaro's songs pulls the listener into his tale! Its like monstaro is performing next to you. what other artist could say that they taught themselves how to use a cpu and then taught themselves how to use the studio in IRAQ from beats being shells from guns and bombs hitting the ground!

The Official Blueprint to a weapon of mass destruction in hip hop waiting to be set like a road mine. 2009 Monstaro plans to make his impact felt around the world. Being a veteran, monstaro`s international experience, has given him a benifit of having connections worldwide and fanbases in new york city, kentucky, arizona, spain, italy, amsterdam, sweden, Germany, Denmark, england, and jamaica !



for booking call:1502 876 2086