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Monsta X

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Hip Hop


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"X Factor: Monsta X Mixtape Review (Brooklyn Bodega)"

Monsta X, an emcee from Hollis, Queens, released his solo mixtape (along with DJ Iron Lyon) X Factor earlier this year. An original member of the Monsta Czar Island Crew (most notable members MF Grimm ‘n MF Doom, whose feuding led to the dissolution of the group), Monsta X’s mixtape includes production from fellow Monsta Czars (Gabarah aka Junclassic), Sean Price (Boot Camp Clik) and Madlib. The two singles, “Goin In” and “Upper Hand” are the best tracks by far, for Monsta X rhymes with easy confidence, his distinctively grainy voice is soaked in swagger. “Upper Hand” has all the makings of a summertime classic best blared out of the car stereo. For much of X Factor’s core, it’s as if the listener is being transported to the mid-nineties, raw and unadulterated-by-autotune. At times this feels heavy-handed, almost as though Monsta X is a vanguard for days past. Remixes of “Hip Hop” (Dead Prez) and “Paper Gangstas” (Lady Gaga) sidestep into the realm of the unoriginal. Rather than simply injecting a rap verse into a pop tune, reconstructing the hook–i.e Kid Cudi’s “Make her Say” which felt like a Hiphop dialog with “Poker Face”–to fit his point of view would’ve worked to satisfy the progression of the mixtape.
Ultimately, Monsta X displays a breadth of possibility, as throughout his career he’s worked hard in the industry, first with his fellow Queens-based MC, JUNCLASSIC, in the duo Dynamix, and onto MF Grimm’s label Day by Day Entertainment. Working hard at the record label slash mixtape game (even rapping on MF Grimm’s American Hunger) shows his tenacity. As with many MC’s before him, vibrant collaborations forge the appropriately entitled, energetic bonus track “Collabo”–and here’s to the future debut record of Monsta X. -


Shock n Awe (Vol. 1) DYNAMIX
Shock n Awe (Vol. 2) DYNAMIX
American Hunger (MF GRIMM)
Shackles off (Kong)
Imaginary Enemies (Junclassic)
Late Nights and early Mournings (Junclassic)
Southside Savior (Junclassic)



Since the late 90’s, MONSTA X, also known as NTROSPEKT, has been releasing music and scorching stages. After early releases with Clockwork Productions, The Hollis, Queens Raised MC linked up with fellow Queens wordsmith, JUNCLASSIC to form DYNAMIX. They dropped an album (Shock and Awe Vol.1) and a mixtape (Shock and Awe Vol.2) and quickly built a buzz with entrancing lyrical expertise and an explosive stage show that left strong impressions on the minds of all who came across the group. After hundreds of shows, opening for major acts such as the Jurassic 5, touring up and down the east coast with the Warped Tour, college shows and self produced showcases, major labels started knocking at their doors. Unfortunately, their refusal to bend to the heavy demands of the corporations left DYNAMIX without a record deal.

They kept pushing independently, becoming a part of DAY BY DAY ENTERTAINMENT, the label/distribution company founded by underground legend MF GRIMM. Their industry expertise landed them both senior positions at the company, and their verbal dexterity earned their positions in the MONSTA ISLAND CZARS, the esteemed rap collective also headed by MF GRIMM. Recording and working constantly, notable appearances include lauded verses on MF GRIMM’s critically acclaimed album, American Hunger (The first triple CD in Hip Hop) as well as internationally released singles with the group.

Currently working on solo material, X is poised to breathe new life into a slowly dying record industry. Uniqueness, strong lyrics, an explosive stage show, presence and superfresh style make the rap demon that is MONSTA X, while experience, hard work, patience and determination make the successful businessman. Stay tuned and prepare to be blown away!!