Monsters are not Myths

Monsters are not Myths

 San Francisco, California, USA

"With indie rock precision, MANM are an amazing bar band. If there's an afterlife, they'd perform in the waiting room." - SFGate (SF Chronicle)


Monsters are not Myths wants you to play cowbell with them.

The Bay Area indie band combines rock, folk, blues and an insatiable appetite for the ridiculous. Featuring dancing bears, inflatable guitar solos, and audience cowbell competitions, a Monsters are not Myths show is more than great's an experience that is never quite the same.

While aurally similar to Wilco, Nirvana, Spoon and Ryan Adams, the band is just as quick to cite entertainment influences like Andy Kaufman, The Dana Carvey Show, and the legendary live shows of the Barenaked Ladies.

With their new album, Corporate Grown, the band captures the humor, fun, and raw emotion of their live show on disc. From the sometimes comic travails of a desk job in Silicon Valley (LED, IV) to the seething plea for nostalgia in OldSoul, the band keeps you on your toes. "Republican Girls" recounts the tragic story liberal boy meets conservative girl, while "Burrito in my Heart", the final song on the album, is a drinking song for the ages.

Corporate Grown, will be released on October 9, 2009 and will be available to buy on iTunes and CD Baby as well as independent retailers throughout California. Tour and showcase gigs are planned for fall 2009.

* Metro Readers Poll Goldie Award Winners for Best Local CD - 2006 (Vague Smiles)
* Metro Readers Poll Bronze Award Winners for Best Local Band - 2006
* Metro Readers Poll Silver Award Winners for Best Local CD - 2005 (Portable Luminaire)
* Finalists- Your Music Magazine Battle of the Bands
* Finalists in the Quilted Fish Production Deal Contest
* 10th Place Winner in the Santa Cruz Live Online Battle of the Bands - 2005
* 3rd Place Finish In The Guerrilla Music Project Battle of the Bands - 2005
* CD’s Featured – Red Carpet Boutique, Hollywood

TV, Radio, Podcasting:
103.9 The X (Santa Cruz/Monterey, CA)
"The Timothy Jordan Show" 88.1 KZSC (Santa Cruz, CA)
Pirate Cat Radio (San Francisco/Los Angeles/Berlin)
Indie 104.7 iRadio LA (Los Angeles, CA)
105.1 The Disc (St. George, Utah)
"Idle Hands," Santa Cruz Community TV
On the Horizon Radio Network
FTM Podcast
Amplified Indie Music Podcast
Radio Crystal Blue
The Radio Show


Bits of Sins

Written By: Evan Hamilton

Walking down
Pacific Avenue
Got wine in my blood
and misbehavior on my mind

cross my heart and wish to die slowly
never regret it, never let it
into your mind, dear

I've got

bits of sins in tins with cigarettes
bits of sins in tins with cigarettes
bits of sins in tins with cigarettes
take them out when I need something better

talking on
my day job telephone
I don't give a damn
'bout your cracked china doll

I can feel Friday on hold
If you see me in the street
you ain't ever gonna know it was me

I've got


walking down
pacific avenue
got wine in my blood
and a hangover on my mind

I can feel it talkin' to you
never believe it
it'll deceive you every time

I've got


I smoked them all
I smoked them all
I smoked them all
I smoked them all

Straw Man

Written By: Evan Hamilton


all my past attempts have failed
seems tyranny will prevail
Like when I sat there and sighed
Can't believe you missed those signs


I don't have a voice
cover your ears
I ain't got no flaws
this is the last straw


Pay attention to me
leave me alone
You can't pro-rate my soul
the check is on the floor

I'm a Straw Man


Don't wanna be ordered around
You just wanna push me to the ground
So screw you all, I'm done, I'm out,
and I'm emptying our bank account



Pay attention to me
leave me alone
You can't pro-rate my soul
the check is on the floor
pay attention to me
leave me alone
screamin' in your inbox
I'd rather not talk


Written By: Evan Hamilton

take me back
when things were good
take me back
it hurts worse than you said it would
take me back
before the demons lodged in my head
take me back
before people I know were dead

oh here it is again I feel it inside me yeah seepin' up somehow
I got a ROI I got an alibi I betcha you can't lock me down

I did it intentionally
you've gotta fight your fight
before you get old
I let this thing get hold of me
so I could cry the laments
of an old soul


take me back
oh when we were young
take me back
I think we could have some fun
take me back
when girls were innocent
take me back
before the playground filled with sin

oh girl did you know oh girl didja think didja guess you could be this bad
black dress black heart black eyes oh yeah blacked out on a concrete slab



oh baby I don't know if you want to go out with me tonight I might fall apart I might self-destruct at any moment

don't go
I know
it's done
I'm comin'



Written By: Evan Hamilton

There is no end to my madness
I often think about electromagnets
strapped onto dinosaur


I had an action figure in third grade
that I hid so it wouldn't go away
I wonder if it's still there
might be worth something on ebay

living with unicorns
in a gated community
thinks I'm so hardcore
but I don't have immunity
all of this
is gonna get to me
unless I get to it first

when I was in college I ate pizza 'n' beer
once a day, sometimes three
can't really do that anymore
unless I want to be down six feet


I guess life got away with it
and I'm slowing down a bit
but I'm in denial
so I'm gonna party, oh shit

with streamers
and beamers
and my entourage
chocolate cake
makes everyone real sick
and they go home early
I hang out alone
it's all I've known
well that's ok
I like myself ok
I like myself ok
I like myself allright, ok

Burrito in my Heart

Written By: Evan Hamilton, Nick Giordano, Tyler Null

it's 3am and I'm trashed
I need something to eat
there's a burrito place across the street

but I don't have a cent on me
you hand me a ten-spot
and at that moment, my heart you got

I've got a burrito in my heart
when will the feasting start?
I've got a burrito in my heart
and it's
for you

guacamole, green like your eyes
tomatoes red like your lips
oh my god this comes with chips

you're as warm as a tortilla
salsa spicy like our love
you musta come from heaven above


and I'm saving
the last
for you.


Written By: Evan Hamilton


In a lifeless house
with the power out
flashlight on the ceiling
looking for poetry

gotta get me a doctor

humming like the generator
we don't have
flashlight's got batteries
ain't got no remedies

gotta get me outta this town

well if midnight's a bad place to be
we better get out soon
well midnight's a bad place to be
we better wake up wake up wake up soon

in an empty bed
with a busy head
trying to recall
what it's like to sleep

if I'll ever sleep again

aching like the breaks
on the old Chevrolet
might fail any day
well that might be ok

I don't know I don't know I don't know



In a lifeless house
with the power out
flashlight on the ceiling
there go the batteries


- Corporate Grown (2009)
- Vague Smiles, LP (2005)
- Portable Luminaire, EP (2004)

-San Francisco Bay Area Bootleg Compilation, Vol. 1 (No Left Turn Records, 2006)
-1st Annual Santa Cruz Live Online Battle of the Bands Winner's Compilation (2005)
-Alright Records Compilation (2005) Compilation (2006)(No Left Turn Records)
-Clear Thinking Records New Talent Compilation: Vol 1 (2005)

Set List

Typical Setlist:

Sunday Morning Nightmare
Bits of Sins
Republican Girls
Straw Man
Burrito in my Heart

Our sets are better at 45 minutes to 1 hour. We have enough material to go at least 1.5 hours.
Also, our typical setlist varies on acoustic shows.