Monsters In The Attic

Monsters In The Attic

 London, England, GBR

Remember when rock used to be loud and monstrous? Wait no further, because its back! The Monsters fuse rocking riffs, sweet harmonies along with hooks that you could catch fish with.


Monsters In The Attic are a London based trio who play up-beat rock n roll with hard rock influences, riding between down-strung punk beats and power ballad harmonic melodies. Inspired by bands such as Rocket From The Crypt, Priestess and even The Beach Boys, they sing tongue-in-cheek songs about riding your luck, zombie girlfriends back from the dead and generally being bad-ass.

After touring the London circuit for last few years, making notable appearances at The Purple Turtle, The Mean Fiddler and headline slots at The Underworld, 2010 sees them taking their act to the next level. This acoustic EP, Tales of The Worm, is the first of two EP’s the band will release, to be followed later by a full electric one. Producer Jarrad Hearman (Mammal, John Butler Trio, Chaos Divine) has been at the helm, and this EP includes acoustic versions of old favourites and a haunting new song Get To The Border.

Opening track Church Sundae is a re-working of their crowd favourite I’ll Be Damned and the following track Get To The Border benefits from the added dimension of strings as a cello sweeps over the expertly strummed guitars and haunting vocal melody. The straight-from-the-deep-south croon of Zombie Girl, the tale of a zombie girlfriend, leads nicely through to the EP’s closer, the story of a deranged character called ‘Jules’. Each track here translates beautifully into the acoustic versions from the band’s natural habit of heavy rock, which is testament to band’s ear for writing great melodies.

Monsters In The Attic are spearheading a mission to punch the fun back into rock n roll and offer a refreshing alternative to stereotypically stroppy-faced musicians. Their hedonistic approach hasn’t gone unnoticed either, as the band were voted Top Band of 2008 on Total Rock’s NWO show and received the Demo of The Month accolade from Metal Hammer magazine.

This is definitely the band for those who like their rock with a handful of Sham 69, a bit of B-Movie Horror, a dash of the 50s and fat-free gang vocals. Inspired by the likes of The Living End, Gallows, Hellacopters and The Hives, MITA settle for nothing less than a whirlwind knockout live show and, here, a killer acoustic record that shows the depth of their vision.

- Picked for showcasing at the City Showcase 2010, London.
- Shortlisted for the Camden Crawl & Emerging Talent Award 2010
- One of the top 20 bands of 2008 on Total Rock’s N.O.W. Show
- Received various features in Metal Hammer other national magazines
- Packing out the Camden Underworld
- Playing Gibson sponsored charity shows
- EMA Winner for Best Metal Song, 2010
- Chosen to play showcases by Quicksilver & Gibson


Be Lucky

Written By: Patch Barbet

When I was just a boy around 6 years old
My mother called the doctor on the telephone, she said
“Doctor be quick ma baby’s outta control.
He ain’t stopped shaking since he listened to that rock n roll”
The doctor came around and looked me straight in the eyes and said
“There’s nothing I can do he’s got the devil inside”
20 years later and my heads in a spin
I got the devil trying to tear his way outta my skin
My snake eyes have got girls pulling each others hair
While their boyfriends look on and act like they don’t care
I’ve never felt bad about feeling so good
Coz if you could the things I could you know that you would

Be Lucky before it’s all over
Take my chances before I turn cold
When I look back over my shoulder
I wanna see dirty tricks in a cheap hotel
That leave me a step away from heaven and one closer to hell

Rip through the night like a shooting star
I blast Chuck Berry out the stereo in a hot wired car
I lie, cheat, steal and I’ve got talent to burn
I’ll make your clothes fall off your body without saying a word
Gimme one chance babe to make you b-b-b-bad
I’ll be the best heart attack you’ve ever had

Now I’m lookin’ back on the things that I’ve done
I’ve changed my face so many times while I’ve been on the run
My grave’s getting deeper everyday I’m around
My conscience is already 6 feet underground
Everybody wants to have a story to tell
We I’m a step away from heaven and I’m closer to hell

I'll Be Damned

Written By: Patch Barbet

Hey girl did you see my tongue fall outta my head?
Never thought I’d see the devil til I was dead
Hey girl you look cool but boy do you know it
You light a cigarette with hell’s fire to show it
And Ive sold my soul to rock n roll again
I’ve got no faith or fear I’ll fry down here my friend.

With fire in my eyes and all hell raised
I’ll be damned with a smile on my face.
I’m all out of luck and out of ways to pay
I’ll be damned with a smile on my face.

Hey girl you look money as you walk to the bar
You order straight Glenfiddich’s and throw the ice on the floor.
Hey girl with those killer heels and bad ass eyes
You hit 6-66 on the jukebox and smile.

Tell Jules

Written By: Patch Barbet

It’s getting dark and hard to see
She could be close behind.
By now she should know, but somehow she don’t
She told me that she won’t quit easily.
I’ve stopped my heart from falling apart
My nerves are shot and I can’t take anymore.
1 more letter won’t make it better
I’m thinking fast when I hit the door.

This town’s got a way of throwing us together baby
This town can’t understand what made you so damn crazy.

Tell Jules not to knock on my door
Tell jules not to knock anymore.

It’s getting late, it’s alright
I heard she’s on the other side of town tonight
Walking home I get chills and I can’t stand still
She told me that she won’t be far behind.

This town’s got a way of throwing us together baby
I’ll never understand what made you so damn crazy.


Written By: Patch Barbet

We’re sinking doubles fast, the flavour aint gonna last
We can’t regret anything that we can’t remember.
We’ll get another round, can’t let the pace slow down
Never been a better time to talk to a stranger.

Then a girl at the bar asks if I’m scared of running out of time.
I tell her to wrap her lips round my rum, mint, sugar and lime.

And as the night moves on some of us are staying strong
The room is moving but the drink still keeps on coming on in.
Last orders at the bar, how did we get this far
Nothing can save us now we’re up to our necks in sin.

Then a girl at the bar asks me if I am scared of growing old?
I tell her to make sure she keeps my last drink cold.

Sticks & Bones

Written By: Patch Barbet

I don’t regret what I did at all
I bought her back from the dead with a trick that I know
You’ll run screaming when she moves through the streets
Because she’s covered in scars from her head to her feet.
Through the smoke I stop and stare
She’s waiting for me and throws back her hair
I fall to my knees and cry “honey please
Gimme some loving baby, spread that disease”.

She’s living dead but hot as hell
She’s back again my zombie girl.
She’s in my head, I’m under a spell.

In the crowd there’s screams and moans
The only thing left will be sticks and bones.
She licks her tongue across her broken teeth
This lady’s held together with stitches and grease.
Undead superstar strips for me while I play my guitar
I got too close she left me dead on the floor
She’s ripped out my heart and left me begging for more.

Bad News

Written By: Patch Barbet

They can tell you to throw it in.
They can say it’s drying up
A mouthful of gold and a sharpened wit
I’ve emptied my pockets for dust and bits.
They can tell you they’re all out
They can say that’s how it goes.
Lie til there’s no truth left
I drag my feet and my head is a mess.

You look like bad news
Come on baby we’ve got nothing to lose.
You look like bad news
Come on baby I’ve got something for you.

They can tell you to go easy
They can say you’re too late
Howling like a man possessed
Scratch my skin til I see red.

By now I should have learnt
The penny drops and my guts turn
By now I should have learnt
If I play with matches then I’m gonna get burnt.

They can tell say it’s all gone
They can say it’s over
Trouble’s got hold of me
I keep things tight with a trick up my sleeve.


Monsters In The Attic EP (2001)
House Of Mirrors EP (2004)
Be Lucky (2008)
Tales Of The Worm (2010)

Set List

Alien Attack
Don't Feed Them After Midnight
I'll Be Damned
Sticks and Bones
Squeal Like A Pig
Be Lucky
Tell Jules