Montage of Jesus

Montage of Jesus

 Perth, Western Australia, AUS

Grungy punk rock served cold, with a nice serving of ska on the side.


Fiercely destroying your own preconceptions about what music is supposed to be, Montage of Jesus are here to confuse the shit out of your musical sensibilities.
Playing shows from Perth to Bunbury, Montage of Jesus spend their time cooking up a mighty feast upon the open seas, consisting of their infamous grungy gravel salad and the delicious side of the ska cocktail.


Montage of Jesus - 39a; Happy Endings EP
Montage of Jesus - & Fluffy the Adventure Dog.. Have a Picnic!

Set List

Here's to Waking Up!
Putting Pennies in the Pockets of Murderers
Ripper Roo
Watch You Burn
Prime Minister
Leaving Home
Little Book
Casa De La Dick
Perfect World
Sweet Violet
You're Shit
I'd be Rich
Planet Turtle
I Want To Die
Empty Hands

Plus more!