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Montana has been called the most soulful hip hop artist ever. He's the son of top 40's soul singer Jay Wiggiins "Hey Girl". Montana's music has been compared to Tupac as far as the level of inspiration while keeping it relevant to the street.


Montana was a part of the Section 8 Mob who was signed to Tommy Boy Records for $1.5 million in 2000. He also played in the movie Guilty by Association staring Morgan Freeman. Montana is a seasoned vet who has performed with the Cash Money Millionaires, Scarface, Outkast, Destinys Child, Faith Evans. Montana and the Section 8 Mob has also been interviewed by Big Tiger on BET's Rap City and performed and hosted Black Bike Week with DMX, Eve and the Ruff Ryders.

After Tommy Boys black music division folded in the middle of their marketing and promotional campaign Montana returned home to Washington DC. Montana says "After going through what I went through with the whole Section 8 Mob thing, I started trying to understand life a little more and asking God what direction that he wanted me to move in." Montana soon had a conflict with his writing he no longer could simply write about the harsh realities of the street that he grew up in with out giving at lease a positive spin and a reflection of hope for our youth. Montana has been waiting for the industry to grow up a bit for he makes his move.
Montana is now officially back and ready to help to take hip hop to the next level.


"One Man Gang" EP
"Guilty by Association" LP
Repercussions (single) major radio airplay
Repercussions (video) major play BET etc..
"Hotter than Hot" Mixtape
"Quater to One" Mixtape album
Quarter to one (single) radio play
Hugging the walls (single)
Thang for you

Set List

Montanas sets are flexible he can do 20mins or 1hour.
Quarter 2 one
Hugging the walls
Clap your hand
Thang for you