One of the most innovative and hardworking bands in the region, Monte is and experimental pop duo formed by two prolific artists (one from Las Robertas and the other one rising from the ashes of cult band Continental) that play an avant-garde blend of noise pop with deep latinamerican roots.


Monte is an experimental pop rock duo based in San Jose, Costa Rica.

You could draw the band’s influences from bands such as Suicide, Spacemen 3, The Feelies and even more classic pop-influenced bands from the 60s and 70s, but they’re sound keeps developing into its own territory.

Adrian (guitar/vocals) is an experimented composer and musician who has collaborated with some of the most legendary local bands, either as leader
(Continental, Detectives Salvajes), producer (Si, San José) or guest musician (Seka, Adaptados, UFO!!).

Franco (drums/sample/vocals) although very young, has been a vital member of some of the most
succesful indie bands that came out of Costa Rica (Las Robertas, Zopilot) and has participated on high-profile music festivals such as SXSW, Primavera Sound and Rock al Parque.

Monte has received praise from national and
international media and its debut EP has been
included in several lists of the best of 2011 and 2012.

The band recently came back from an intense two week tour in Spain and is currently planning a
Mexican tour with they’re spanish labelmates Juventud Juché for February 2014 and a mid-year
southamerican tour that will take them to Brasil, Peru, Chile and Argentina.

After a series of EPs, compilations and split albums, the band will release their first LP next december, including 2 videoclips (one being produced in
Argentina and another in Costa Rica)


Imperios [Single] - July 2011
Monte [ EP ] - August 2011
Si San Jose [ Various Artists ] - December 2011
Fajardo / Monte [ Split ] - August 2012

Our tracks have been played on WFMU (Evan "Funk" Davies and Liz Berg's show), WTUL in New Orleans, KEXP Seattle, QSO and Conexion Canarias in Spain, and several local radio stations