Monte Negro

Monte Negro

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Monte Negro is the Los Angeles-based band that threads Sandinista-era Clash with Sublime and Caifanes. Boasting members of Mexican and Asian decent, this band is the league of nations.


Busy promoting the release of "Cosmic Twins," Monte Negro is ready to showcase a newer and more mature sound with arrangements resulting in inspiringly cerebral, textured, and adventurous songs. Comprised of Kinski Gallo on vocals, his brother Rodax on bass, Jason Li-Shing on guitar, and El Pipe on drums, Monte Negro has been a Los Angeles mainstay for the past eight years. With their unique take on new wave meets alternative rock, Monte Negro creates innovative sound in the vein of The Cure, Jane’s Addiction, and The Smashing Pumpkins.
This quartet crafts music that rises above labels and language. Because Monte Negro strongly ascribes to the idea that “the best music transcends the barriers of language and can be understood universally,” the bi-lingual band presents their songs in both English and Spanish, at times fluidly moving from one tongue to the other within the same song.
Recorded in Los Angeles, the group teamed up with producer Tone Def (Santana, Green Day) to develop a more sophisticated offering, while still maintaining the multi-cultural and diverse tone evident on both their 2008 debut Cicatrix (Epic) and their 2009 EP Fugitives Of Pleasure / Pasajeros EP (self-released).
Tracks like “Perderte (Sonambulos Sin Sueno)” exemplify Monte Negro’s sonic evolution, paying homage to their influences while layering uniquely intricate guitar arrangements over a carefully crafted bass line. “Guero (The Underdog),” is a deeply personal song that chronicles Kinski’s childhood journey from Mexico to California. It illustrates the struggles of arriving in a new land, and paints a clear picture of the dichotomy of the two cultures and their influences in his life. Along with its naked intimacy, “Guero” showcases Rodax’s impressive and unforgettable bass skills. The singles “The Longest Day” and “Nada” are hopeful yet unrelentingly stirring rockers, highlighting a combination of elegant vocals and furious guitar riffs.
Monte Negro’s passion comes to fruition in their highly energetic, enthralling, and seamlessly tight live shows. They have shared the stage with many impressive acts, including Café Tacuba, Zoe, and Enanitos Verdes. Full of swagger and legitimate rock prowess, Monte Negro superbly channels their skill, talent, and star-power into live performances with everything they’ve got. As lead singer, Kinski, puts it, “it’s where it begins and where it all ends.”


Replica (To Be Released in 2012)
Cicatrix (2008)

Set List

1. Como Quisiera
2. Sonambu-Loss Parale-Loss
3. Pasajero
4. Amor Finito
5. The Longest Day
6. Give Me Love
7. Lejos
8. Que Esta Pasando
9. Faux Power
10. Nada
11. Arde El Corazon
12. Me Duele No Estar Junto A Ti

Typical set: 60-80 minutes