Oswaldo Montenegro
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Oswaldo Montenegro

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | MAJOR

Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil | MAJOR
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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2009 - Quebra-cabeça Elétrico
2008 - Intimidade
2006 - A Partir de Agora
2005 - Léo e Bia 1973
2004 - Ao vivo - 25 anos
2004 - Aldeia dos ventos
2003 - Letras brasileiras II
2002 - Estrada nova
2001 - A lista
2001 - Entre uma balada e um blues
2000 - Telas. Só para colecionadores
1999 - Escondido no tempo
1999 - Letras brasileiras ao vivo
1999 - A lista
1999 - A lista. Trilha sonora do musical
1999 - A lista
1999 - Letras Brasileiras ao vivo
1999 - A Dança dos Signos 15 anos
1998 - Aldeia dos Ventos. Arte em construção
1998 - CD Léo e Bia
1997 - Letras Brasileiras
1997 - Noturno
1997 - O Vale Encantado
1995 - Aos filhos dos hippies
1992 - Seu Francisco
1992 - Mulungo
1991 - Vida de Artista
1990 - Oswaldo Montenegro
1989 - Oswaldo Montenegro ao vivo
1987 - Aldeia dos Ventos
1986 - Os Menestréis
1985 - Drops de Hortelã. Oswaldo Montenegro e Glória Pires
1984 - Brincando em cima daquilo
1983 - Cristal. Trilha sonora da peça
1983 - A Dança dos Signos
1981 - Asa de Luz
1980 - Oswaldo Montenegro
1979 - Poeta maldito... Moleque vadio
1977 - Trilhas
1975 - Sem Mandamentos


Feeling a bit camera shy


Intimidade – Oswaldo Montenegro

The new concert of Oswaldo Montenegro and his band travels, as usual, the whole country. And like never before, shows this expert musician in a great phase. His vocal technique and songwriter talent have put the guitar and piano player on the background, which doesn't happen in the "Intimidade" (Intimacy) concert, where all his skills are in good balance.
The band is the same that has been with him for years, which gives to the concert, beyond the name loyalty, an organic music feeling far from the cold new technologies we have today.
The flute player Madalena Salles charisma (who recorded more than 35 Cds with Montenegro) grabs our sight and hearing attention in a mix of erudite technique and Brazilian "hillbilly". The keyboard player Caíque Vandera, with his computers, does not loose the songs' acoustic beauty. Pedro Mamede, on drums and percussion, doing a scenic performance totally integrated with Oswaldo Montenegro's hot energy. And Alexandre Meu Rei, on the bass, acoustic and electric guitars, completes the musical structure, adding virtuosi, elegance and talent to the band.
The concert line-up is basically the DVD’s, with the same songs, and also the beautiful blues Sempre Não é Todo Dia, Cigana, Flor da Idade and Baioque. Let's talk about the DVD, so we can get a better understanding of the concert:

"The title of the newest Oswaldo Montenegro's dvd couldn't be more polemic and contradictory.
In one hand, really shows the poet's nature and the multimedia artist, opening floors, ceilings, walls, furniture and bright colors psychedelic painted objects; in the other, the music gets extremely reserved, giving intimacy to the musicians, who seems to be having fun instead of working.
Decoding the "Intimidade" secret is the real joy of this first class journey, through Oswaldo Montenegro's hits.
Few Brazilian artists have been possible to keep an authorial career so free and independent.

To go beyond limits, but sweet; poet, but pragmatic; pop, but regional; breaking through, but baroque for almost thirty years on the stage, studios and journeys, distinguish Oswaldo Montenegro who keeps moving the audience with his success.
Bandolins, A Lista, Léo e Bia ( featuring Zeca Baleiro), Lua e Flor, Lume de Estrelas, Pra Longe do Paranoá, Intuição, are all in the dvd which exudes good taste, technique, sound and image quality and... economy.
Full of reason, Steve Reich wouldn't agree if I had written that "Intimidade" is a minimalist concert. But he is likely to enjoy watching this unique moment in Oswaldo Montenegro career.
In his best singing moment and very wise in choosing the right musicians, the artist feels at home. He kindly smiles, but is restrained in his laughers.
"Intimidade" sets apart the "party teacher" and highlights the songwriter, arranger, musician and singer Oswaldo Montenegro.
And is never too much to state: what a great musician's team.
Starting by the flute player Madalena Salles, the forever muse of the minstrels, going through the air-tight sensitivity of Sérgio Chiavazzoli, the tasty and technical performances of Meu Rei, Caíque Vandera e Pedro Mamede, the band shows why the best music school still is the road.
"Intimidade" pleases all kind of tastes, from the fine to the popular, to those that can't follow the beat with their feet.
My mom always told me: "Son, intimacy is something that we can only have with those who can respect our private moments".
That is intimacy".

Sérgio Vasconcelos