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The music reflects urban drama and hope. It's a mixture of diverse genre's with the beats. We choose edgy and soulful beats that speak to the listener before being amplified with the poetic lyrical content. Topics such as, relationships, life, and politics, Monte tries to reach all audiences.


Influences are artist such as Tupac, U2, Biggie, Big L, Eminem, Jay-z, Nas, Ludacris, Linkin Park, nwa, ice cube, Mack 10, Too short, Big Daddy Cane, Motown as a whole. Monte $$ attempts to relate the struggle of surviving in an impoverished situation and the hope of overcoming adversity to his listeners. Monte tries to stay responsible with his lyrics in case he attracts a youger audience, and brings a sense of humility and hunger to each track that is a rare mixture.


M.T.K. EP- Group album (2002)
Full Throttle- Group album (2003)
Full Throttle V2-Group album (2005)
FI (The fam/mixtape)- Compilation (2005)
Full monte (Most Likely to Succeed)- Mixtape (2006)
Crisis EP- EP (2008)

Set List

Typically: A set would cosist of anywhere between 10-30 minutes recently.
When on the university circuit, shows were about 1 hour. Typically these are the songs I perform, in no particular order, and the # varies based on time allocation.
Song list:
Dey know-remix
On my grind-
Sex, drugs, rock-excerpt
Get Money
Third Person
Mixtape song-varies
Amateur Night
Lie to me