Montgomery Greene

Montgomery Greene


Imagine everything you love about rock n' roll: The Stones, Zeppelin, The Who, Kinks, Clash, Gang of Four, whatever. Now dice it up in random bits and lump it all together. Sure, it's a marketing nightmare, but it's NEVER boring and predictable...


MG was formed by Kyle in 1998. Jason and Marc joined in 2000 and Darryl in 2004. We have self-released 5 albums and 1 EP in that time. We have played shows in Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and other cities in the region. We belive strongly in the DIY ethic.


Four Days-Released July 1999
Titan-Released October 1999
Secondary Wish List-Released May 2000
Polar Camp Audience-Released July 2001
Attack Culture-Released July 2003
Ready By The Next Symbol (EP)- September 2004

*All releases were independent except Attack Culture (released by The Unlike Label)

Set List

Attractive Helmet
Exposure: Type A
Fly With Me In Mind
Heading North
I Had a Good Knife Once
Low Like Nothing
Minor Washington
More Animated Than Most
Muted Pop
New Cruiser Buzz
Now He Wants a Plan
One Way to Get Sleep
Picture Parade
Pilot Troubles
See For Yourself
Silent Awareness
Spanish Chemical Shortage
Speed Along It
Sydney Expands on Site
The Modern Fever Wife Theme
Thursday Over Flyer
Wide Sand
You Never Wore Dates
Zooming the Users