Montuga music can be described in a few words: energic, mix of sounds(pop dance with soul and club influences), inspired and enthusiast, with a good beat and a great love message in every song. They make you play their music over and over again, giving you optimism and good mood.


Mika - Born and raised in Galati, Romania until the age of six, Mika moved to RD Congo. He comes from a Congolese family, in which music has been a great passion and the way to express experiences.
From his mother, a painter, he gets the artistic abilities, ambition and perseverance, he also gets talent and spirit of adventure from his father, who once was a dimanond hunter in Angola.
Therefore, Mika has moved around a lot. After Congo, he moved to France, where he sung for a few years in different places. Having a strong interest for soul and r'n'b, Mika left for the USA, where after a short period of time, he manages to sing in several soul/r'n'b bars. After the success, he comes back to Romania for studies. After finishing his studies, while traveling around, Mika receives an offer from a French manager o continue his musical activities. In Paris, this time.
Firmly, decided to persue his studies and gets an MBA in Financial Banking Management.
He comes back to Romania, where he receives the opportunity to join Montuga, with one of his best friends - Mihai.

Mihai - With a strong passion for music, at the age of 3, Mihai becomes one of Michael Jackson's fans and learns his dance moves playing in front of the tv. Until the age of 5, Mihai erases most of his parents audio cassettes, recording himself singing. Not long after, his parents sign him up to soccer putting his passion for music on a second plan bt not for long.
In the gymnasium, his passion for dance and music comes back leading him to start a break-dance band. Right before High-school, he sets foot for the first time in a recording studio. Fascinatedby what he saw, he started to save money in order to have his own home recording studio. In the meantime, he also colaborates with several recording studio from Bucharest, composing for his own musical product, as well as he does for other artists. Not long after Mihai next to Mika, becames part of Montuga.


one album until now called Montuga (by Montuga)
Sofia - the first single was a hit in Romania
Why,why,why - the second single, with a very good feedback and a great message - Love and happiness go beyond limits.

Set List

1. Sofia
2. Abracadabra
3. Baby, baby
4. Bang, bang
5. Get your body on the floor
6. Help me
7. Mercy
8. So confusing
9. Sofia remix
10. Why, why, why