Monty burns

Monty burns


Rock straight from our hearts to the moshpit in front of the stage!


We all are into music-making since our early childhood & youth. In early 2001 we met each other. Influecend by many genres, -from punk, rock, post-hardcore, alternative to grunge and stoner-rock, we created our own style which we call "bunker-rock", based upon our first rehearsel room... This stands metaphoric for straight and hard, but emotional and melodious rock music!
After our first two EP´s "even the police is happy" and "nine days wonder" we finally released our first full-length LP "black box" in spring 2007 on GGE Records, a small indipendent-label from Bochum, GE.


In search of the world

Written By: Monty burns

In search of the world

I’ve searched the world
Between the sun lighted fields
In my car, in a beer and at least on TV
And I admitted at all
World far away, Myself so small
So I bought me a candle to bring some light in this mess
Honest or hardcore?
And trough the fog came a face with a smile of a queen
The truth I’ll wait for...?

I’ve searched the world between the narrow terraced houses
See why we are like we are
And I admitted at all
The riddle is big but the answer is small
So I took pen and paper to find out the words
Honest or hardcore
And through the fog came a face with a smile of a queen
The truth I’ll wait for...?

I`m running round the whole damned world
Looking for the one right pearl
And I found you

Lost was all this emptieness
Bad thoughts were blowing into space
Cause I found you

Between the pages of my diary
In the heart of the hurricane
At the bottom of my fading soul


EP: even the police is happy - 2001
EP: nine days wonder - 2003
LP: black box - 2007

Set List

We typically play sets around 45-80 minutes. This are some of our songs:

1. Into the Great Sun (2:57)
2. Haircut Song (2:57)
3. I will call your Number (3:33)
4. Crucified Jesus (2:57)
5. Love at First Sight (3:29)
6. Fucked up (4:30)
7. In Search of the World (3:46)
8.Go (2:58)
9. Relegated (4:26)
10. X! (3:45)
11. Perfect Road