Monty Cantsin

Monty Cantsin


After abandoning mild success as 80's synthpop superstars, Monty Cantsin makes a triumphant return to the world of thunder-rock 25 years later. All New! Featuring: a tap-dancing guitar, a wooly mammoth bass and a stuttering drum-kit.


There are three members in Monty Cantsin. They met one another over a very long time. The played in each others bands from time to time. Then they started one together. They play a weird mix of post-punk/prog-rock with a skimpy side of math rock. Oh yeah, and sometimes a lot of effects. And sometimes one of them will play all by themselves and send shivers down your spine. And sometimes they litter the stage with fake protest signs. And sometimes they wear masks. And sometimes they don't. Sometimes they tell jokes and sometimes they have others tell them on their behalf. They listen to a lot of math rock and 70's avant-garde rock. They really like Pixies and drinking scotch that sometimes tastes like gasoline. They define themselves as Neoists and do everything in the name of Neoism. Or do they? Or is that the point? Did I lose you?


Monty Cantsin Demonstrates - EP

Set List

How to Explain Revolution to a Broken Robot
Dog Years
New Song
Chelsi's Brook
Open Letter to Monty Cantsin
Hey (cover)