Monty's Fan Club

Monty's Fan Club


The concept of music is intangible. You can hear it but you can't touch it. Monty's Fan Club wants to change that. Since the establishment of their final lineup in 2001, these five natives of the Ocean State have been working relentlessly to make big waves in the music world.


Hailing from Providence RI, these guy have been rockin since 2000. Best friends since highschool, these guys got together to try to bring somthing a little fresh to music lovers. Any fan of live music will feel surprisingly refreshed, yet slightly out of breath after a trademark, energetic MFC show. They will go to any length to make sure every audience member leaves thoroughly satisfied and sweaty. Come see and hear the experience for yourself. Then, you'll understand how Monty's Fan Club can walk the walk to match all the talk that's been buzzing about their infamous live performances. They realeased a 3 song EP at the beginning of 2003 and have received an incredible response from it. They are currently in the middle of writing for a full length album scheduled to be released in the fall of 2004.

• Have shared the stage with: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Less Than Jake, Catch 22, Mest, Avoid One Thing, American Hi-Fi, Yellowcard, Jurassic 5, The Pilfers, The Toasters, Midtown, Riddlin Kids, Vanilla Ice, Wakefield, Big D and the Kids Table, Kicked in the Head, M-80, Bim Skala Bim, Lost City Angels, Hidden in Plain View.
• Overall Winner: Ernie Ball MusicMan Battle of the Bands 7 ('03) out of 2600 entries nation-wide. Online votes only (over one million votes cast).
• Winner: One of Four bands chosen to appear live at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA (December 10, 2003). Selected by a staff of industry professionals (Warped Tour Production Company) to play the showcase, out of 2600 entries.
• Dates on the 2003 and 2004 Vans Warped Tour
• Successfully booked, and promoted 3 extensive tours (each lasted approx. 3 weeks) of the east coast, northeast, mid west and mid Atlantic. As well as playing east coast dates regularly.
• 2003 Online Rock Fest winners ( "Best Band" & "Best Composition" ('Hearts Bleeding') One of 200 submissions; competed for over 2 months; 40% online voting, 60% juror voting.
• Dates on the 2003 Warped Tour (July 31st Boston, August 8th Philly)
• 95.5 WBRU 2003 Rock Hunt finalists (one of 4, picked from over 250) submissions throughout southern new England. Record industry professinoals chose winners based on live performance.
• Consistent radio air play on 95.5 WBRU (RI), 102.3 WAXK (CT), 107.3 WFNX Boston, and 19 internet radio stations.
• 1 of 5 finalists out of 200 for Diamond Hill/Guitar Center Battle of the Bands. Held over 3 nights at the Call, in Providence, RI.
• 1 of 5 finalists out of 250 for Diamond Hill/Guitar Center Battle of the Bands, Prov, RI
• Over 1400 Full Length ('00) CD's and over 1300 EP's ('03) SOLD (and independently produced and written)
• Over 24,000 plays on
• More than 300 dedicated street members as close as Rhode Island and as far as Australia. Given weekly assignments for promotion.
• A mailing list that tops 3000 members from more than 27 states
• Featured on compilations: Rye Airfield "Noise", New England Not So Quiet Corner, Trouble in Skaburbia, Asbestos Records, Across the Pond (England).
• Featured on the OLN Network; a Baked Apple Productions wake boarding special.
• 2nd place of 50 in 1999 battle of the bands at Lupo's, put on by Triad Recording Studios and Rattlehead Records
• All logos, merchandise, cd artwork, web pages and anything MFC is designed exclusively by MFC. Website also created and maintained entirely by MFC.


Storm Before the Calm

Written By: Steve Aiello

Don’t you wish that you were blessed by the presence of her ghost? Some might say it’s for the best and babe I will make a toast With this half filled cup I’d say, “Let memories live on” Please don’t try to live in denial this is the Storm before the Calm And you say that I’m not alone and I’m all alone again And you sayI just want to know (Time, yea) A year and a day and it’s still not over And I just can’t let go (Time, yea) Ten years from that day and it’s never over Cuz now that you’ve gone away (now that you’ve gone away) I’m lost today, left open with nothing to say I was told I’m not alone By you and by everyone else And you say, “We’ll meet on up some day” And we’ll make up for the time that I couldn’t stay And I wish you could stay In this empty house, all I wear Is a cloak of confusion, It’ll make me disappear And dad’s got the bottle, he’ll drink his pain away Now a half empty bottle, but the pain is here to stay Don’t you ever wonder (wonder) why the things that happen, do? With heartfelt cries and bloodshot eyes, I know that you do too And you say that I’m not alone and I’m all alone again And you say, “Sometimes the heartache can only be mended by time” Was hard to think What life would bring Without you here And it helps to sing Of love received On days I’ve grieved My world is isolation Is what I believed My chest beats hard And it will explode Walk beside me Till I grow old Without you here Without you here Life’s so empty Without you here

Hearts Bleeding

Written By: Steve Aiello

Put that gun up to your head Wont even matter cuz your already dead To me its like you don't even exist no more Cuz when you constantly lie to me There's no trust, its all a fallacy No entry to my life as you try to knock down my door (And its all in your head, don't forget that your already dead). Hope falls and I'm leaving you can feel the burning in my eyes I'm fighting for this freedom A lie calls for hearts bleeding Never talk to me and no more lies Just do this favor for me When in doubt for me. All you see and all you do is go around and I look like a fool To me its like you don't even exist no more Cuz when you lie, I’ll be here a waiting Do you know that I’ll be here and I will be here. Open your heart and open your mind and emotions will scream Hey And I’ll purchase lies that no one else buys and I’ll say Do you even no how much this even hurts and so Feelin my flow is all you should know Well you'll be faced with this reality What’s it to me? Because you be doin this to everyone and finally the sum with be the break of somebody And I hope that you know don't do it do it for show Spills, Lies, Cries, finally you open your eyes And it finally shows now that you know, cuz I know That no one gets through life losing their sight and so Are these even the real reasons that your attitude can change like the seasons?

Handy With the Steel

Written By: Steve aiello

Watching TV is such a big surprise to me What’s wrong with kids these days? It starts with family and it ends with tragedy What can we do or say? Open your eyes you’ll see what comes you'll regret Then please take my hand It will be all set Shooting off and all is still being handy with the steel Just think of how they'll feel. Cuz I'm here for you now There's no way there's no how I'll let you stand alone In the dark I’ll take you home If you wonderin who's there and there's no one that cares Always remember that I'm here I'll try to take away your fear. Watching the little screen has shown so much of a calamity the media is messed up today they thrive on negativity and erase positivity What can we do or say? Open your minds you'll see its not all their fault And point all you're fingers, in this wound add salt Shooting off and all is still being handy with the steel Just think of how they'll feel. And if this problem hits home I hope it does it could And if this problem hits home I hope it does, it should. If Mom and Dad were here would kids still have fear? Would they go and lose control? We're not the Brady Bunch, but I still have a hunch this long last problem with fold Yea this long last problem will fold


Self Titled EP 2003

Set List

usually an 8-10 song set with mostly newer songs. We will play about 1 cover a set. Bon jovi or even "There's No Easy Way Out" by survivor(rocky four). There sets are fast paced and energetic, and known for keeping even the casual listners attention.