Monty's Lounge

Monty's Lounge


Art Pop/Power Pop/Singer-Songwriter


Formed in late 2007, Monty's Lounge is comprised of three singer-songwriters from Plymouth, MA. They are steeped in late 50s/early 60s, british invasion, americana/country, singer-songwriter, art rock, and post punk (new wave) genres. The innovation and reinvention of a genre(s) through the deft blending of five generations of popular music to emerge with a genre(s) that almost existed circa 1964-1984. Literate/imagistic lyrics at once esoteric and universal are set to tin-pan alley, brill building, britpop, Brian Wilson/Bacharach style melodies with jazz style harmonies.


Happy Accidentals, Leap Year, Seven, Sunsets & Seascapes, Coaster, Resort, Waiting Room

Set List

Typical set duration is 3 hours. All songs performed are originals including titles such as Chinese Fingertrap, Echoes of Pat Henry, Coffee Table Library, Another Song for Aberdeen, Shelly, Willows Parachute, Renee, En Passant, Comedy Without the Timing, Blue Boomerang, A Better Mousetrap, Straightjacket, Lichen, A Sudden Return to Up in the Air, The New Maginot Line, Glittering Forever Afters, and Empty Shirt.