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Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2018 | SELF

Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2018
Solo Hip Hop Pop




"Montythehokage – Cheat Code Ft. Xay Hill"

Montythehokage released his first single, “Cheat Code” featuring Xay Hill, from his upcoming album ‘Transparency’ dropping Jan. 25. - RAPZILLA

"Montythehokage drops a banger on us called “LEFT featuring Levi Parker”"

This new track deals explicitly with the issues and thoughts Montythehokage goes through while dealing with stressful issues. and how instead of making the right decisions he keeps going left.

Sometimes its difficult for people to talk about their issues after they have gone through them or just don’t at all, and Montythehokage wants to be a hundred percent upfront on this track. He hopes this will reach a lot of people and forces them to confront their daily struggles and issues. - NEW H20

"Montythehokage – LEFT Ft. Levi Parker"

Rapper Montythehokage dropped his introspective and honest track “LEFT” featuring Levi Parker. - RAPZILLA


Pittsburgh rapper Montythehokage, now based in North Carolina, is releasing his new single 'Left', featuring Levi Parker, on August 9, 2018, as the follow up to his recent single 'Team Move' (see video below) released in June.

"It’s time to stop hiding our issues and be real so we can rise up!" says Monty of the new single. "As someone trying to bring some light into being young, and just enjoy life kicking back. [I] love to mix things up so sometimes my music is fast with a summer vibe, sometimes is fast with a cypher feel, and some times slow with a jazzy feel. Always willing to step out of my comfort zone for something new. - LOUDER THAN MUSIC


Happy twenty nineteen to everyone reading this. Typically the first quarter of the year is pretty quiet but there are some artists out there already making noise. One such artist, Montythehokage, released a dope EP titled ‘Transparency’ at the end of January. This is a great project to start the year off with and you’ll see why as we dissect the 7 track EP song by song.

Monty starts the project off with the song “Crown,” a super boppy song to start the project off with and is very singy songy. Monty declares he doesn’t need a crown because he has blessings all around. This song has some very Chance the Rapper type vibes but I love the production for this song.Next on the project is “Gold” which starts with very airy and light production before the claps come in and then the drums come in. I enjoyed the, “I’m a shooter with the Word like ooh. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” This song is very joyful sounding and Monty is just celebrating life and stating his goals. This is another feel good song on the project. The third song is “Love.” This song sounds like some soulful 90s boom bap that somehow snuck its way into 2019. That’s not a bad thing, as it’s the perfect canvas for Monty to wax poetic about one of the most talked about subjects in all of music: love. This is the first song where we hear Monty rap rap without the sing songy cadence or inflections, making it one of the standout songs on the project.

One of my personal favorites on the EP is “Flow Killer.” This is another laid back song but it’s for a whole other purpose; to let Monty just rap his face off. One of the bars that caught my attention off top is, “shorty bad but she ain’t saved, that’s an altercation.” That’s a sermon right there, and it’s wonderful that someone as young as Montythehokage acknowledges the danger of being unequally yoked. Monty was rapping on this song and before he spit a word he said it was the first installment. Hopefully, Monty will do more Flow Killers on future projects where he just raps his face and heart off. This definitely has replay value. Next we have “Balance” a piano driven track. I really like the flow that Monty has on this track but the hook kind of throws the song off for me. Maybe he could have had someone else sing the hook, but this beat is so soulful he could have just let it breathe for a few bars. Monty sounds really good rapping on these kinds of beats, this tempo really suits him.

We turn the corner on not just the album but the tone of the EP with “Cheat Code” featuring Xay Hill. This is one of the most different sounding songs on the entire project and comes out of nowhere and it bangs. You get to hear what Monty sounds like rapping rapping without any sort of sing song cadence. This song lets you know that Monty doesn’t have to sing rap in order to kill the track. Xay kills his verse and is a great addition to this song, he shines on the track but doesn’t steal the shine from Monty, which is always what a well done feature should do in my opinion. The very last song is the double sided “Save Him/Transparency.” This has a very mellow and laid back vibe. He speaks of faking being happy when he feels the exact opposite. I love the switch up to the second half of the song as Monty says “Alright Church! Do your thing!” Then come the somber church piano chords as Monty then waxes eloquent on how He’s going to thank God for everything, and how he’s going to push this music until God tells him it’s time to come home. This is a great way to end the album.

In conclusion, Montythehokage was out to give us a story in reverse. The project takes us from where he is currently to where he used to be. Monty noted how every project starts off dark but ends in an upbeat fashion, so he wanted to do the opposite, thus the boppy upbeat feel of the first few tracks and ending on a solemn yet hopeful note. It was very unique way to structure a project in the way he did, because the last song leaves you with something to think about.

In my personal opinion, there is way too much Chance the Rapper on this project. I wouldn’t say that if this is how Montythehokage always rapped/sung on his songs but that is not the case. I listened to seven of his other singles, my favorite being “Collin,” and realized he didn’t do any of the Chance the Rapper type things he did on this project. Perhaps he was heavily inspired by him or wanted to experiment with the flow and vibe. I would advise Monty to stay away from this style, although his beat selection is very nice, because Christian rappers always get compared to secular or mainstream artists. And it really doesn’t help when your cadence, flow and inflections, sound almost identical to a very popular artist. If this was the early 2000s, a Christian magazine would say that if you liked Chance The Rapper you would love Montythehokage, but in today’s climate that is not a compliment. Nevertheless, Monty did give us a message of hope and he executed his songs very well. Montythehokage is talented and I can’t wait to hear more music from him and hear more of his own particular sound. Do yourself a favor and go check out Montythehokage’s ‘Transparency’ project for yourself and let me know what you think. - track starz

"Meet a musician Montythehokage a rapper"

Montelle Lemon, aka Monty the Hokage, sees as his mission trying to expand the urban music scene in the Triad, especially in Winston-Salem, where he is based.

“Right now I just want to create an environment to make that happen,” he said. “I really love being able to do stuff and collaborate with different artists. That helps me feel in my element.”

Monty the Hokage, who hails from Pittsburgh, has been in North Carolina since he was 10. Now 23, he has been performing for the past two years, developing a following around the region, and even attracting some attention internationally. In a recent interview, he spoke about what it was like to encounter a fan in Canada, about how anime has inspired him and how he plans to establish himself going forward.

What got you into music?

It was good timing. Music was not something I’d had an interest in. But one day, it kind of struck, and I thought it was something I could take a serious dive into. I ended up meeting a kid, my buddy Nate, who was looking into music, but on the engineering side. And we started hanging out together, and we started playing around with music for a little bit, and one day I thought that this was something I could potentially take seriously.

Who are some of your inspirations?

I listen to a lot of pop rap music. I’m really into Kyle, Aminé, some Korean artists like Dean, along with some weirdish indie bands like the Bad Sons. I get inspiration from a lot of places.

How would you describe your music?

My music is very what I would call multi-hyphenated — pop-rap, R&B-soul. It really just depends on the mood I’m in at the time of making the song. All of my songs really coincide with how I’m feeling, but it is very happy go lucky, California beach music meets K-pop.

What is your creative process like?

For me to make a really good song, most times I have to not be thinking about it. Before corona, I would knock out songs. I would take a beat and the concept I had in my mind, go to the gym, work out, something that required large amounts of me focusing on that action.

And I would let it come out. I had those feelings, those emotions. In the span of three hours at the gym, I would knock out two songs. - City of Greensboro


Still working on that hot first release.



Montythehokage is a fresh take on the original multihyphenate artist. His music can be categorized as a vast variety of hip-hop, rap, and some pop. Born and raised in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He began his career in 2018, starting off as someone who preferred to bring a positive message into music’s vast community. 
 There is a certain amount of raw emotion and energy that go into his music. Every song is a little different in melody and message, all hailing positivity and a free spirit as their top priorities. His sound draws its inspiration from Kyle, Chance the Rapper, Saba, Smino, and J Cole. With big dreams and goals, Monty isn’t afraid to step outside the boxes that people are put in, in order to provide a clear and concise sound that is inspiring and uplifting.

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