Monument To No One

Monument To No One


Monument To No One is an alternative rock band from Austin, TX. Heavily influenced by the mid-90's space rock of Hum and Failure, Monument To No One combines the psychedelic guitar arrangements reminiscent of the early Smashing Pumpkins with the edgy melodic grooves of grunge-era arena rock.


Monument To No One began in early 2006 when leader singer/guitarist Eli Slate started to record demos of his songs with his brother, Jesse, both Pittsburgh, PA, natives who had recently relocated to Austin. The brothers were in need of a drummer to fill out the sound and perform live so a listing was posted to the Austin Chronicle’s musician classifieds section where Dan saw it and inquired.

Dan had recently moved to Austin in October 2005 after escaping the floodwaters from Hurricane Katrina that totaled his house. Having been working in the music industry at local tourist trap and historic jazz Mecca, Preservation Hall, Dan made the move to Austin almost immediately after hearing of a job opening. Dan landed in Austin working for Ray Benson and Asleep at the Wheel as a Production Coordinator and after trying his hand at country music and trying to rekindle some music with his former New Orleans transplant band, Mumpsie, Dan joined up with Eli and Jesse and began gigging around town towards the end of 2006. It wasn’t until almost a year later that Steve joined the band adding a dueling guitar act that opened the sound up to more improvisation and the almighty guitar solo.

Steve Anderson hails from the North Dallas area, where he grew up heavily influenced by the mid-90's Denton-Dallas rock scene. From Fry Street to Deep Ellum, emotive bands such as Funland, Course of Empire, Doosu, and the Toadies shaped his musical tastes and instilled within him a burning desire to play the guitar very loud in a way that would turn some ears. Steve re-located to Austin in 1996, where he began playing in local space rock bands Pedal and Aphid, both of which received glimmerings of local press just before breaking up. Pedal's only EP, Cinderblocks and Lifejackets, was released with radio buzz, snagging them a 101X FM Homegrown Live spot. Aphid released three EP's (Better Days, Arlyn Sessions, Postmortem) and performed relentlessly in and around the Austin area before splitting up in 2005.

Sometime in mid 2007, Steve met Eli at a local club, and recognized in him a fertile sonic kinship that could be grown into a decibel shattering musical force. No longer content to write and demo songs in his basement by himself, he joined Monument To No One in late '07 after some not-insignificant begging and "love knife" behavior on his part.

The current lineup was not solidified until the middle of 2008 when Jesse left the band to pursue a career with bicycling and hopes of a trip to Tour de France. Mike responded to a posting on Craigslist and became a full time member after the first audition. Mike is a refugee of the fertile Central Arkansas DIY scene of the 90's and spent the past 15 years playing in a variety of punk, prog, and synth-pop bands in Arkansas, North Carolina and Texas. Mike's style is unique, specializing in a melodic, some might say Entwistle-esque lead-style on the 4-string bass.

MTNO’s new self-titled album was recorded and pressed in Austin, TX. The studio tracks were recorded at Out the Woodwork Studio in 2008 with Kenny Wayne Sheppard’s soundman, Brett Orrison, and former soundman for The Black Angels, Galactic and current Antone’s production manager, Myles Crosby. Steven DeGennaro recorded the live tracks at The Jam Room over New Years weekend 2009.



Written By: Monument To No One

Drawn into your atmosphere and can’t escape
Splashdown in your ocean made a tidal wave
Sent my signals home but can’t communicate
My memory has been erased.

Got preoccupied with ancient memories
intentionally keeping you from breaking free
lately I’ve been drifting further out to sea
so don’t get too attached to me.

Did I try to bring you down, spinning separately
can I lift you off the ground, to kill this gravity


Written By: Monument To No One

Forever high we seemed to climb, I could not keep up I fell behind.
It’s a long drop down to the earth below, I can’t help but feel a touch of vertigo
I should’ve let you know.

You could either cut me free or I could drag you down with me
though the choice was hard to make, if our roles were changed, you know I would do the same.

Its not your fault. I’m not blaming you. I chose the path that led me to my doom.
It was so cold, I could barely move. When the ice broke, I fell right through.
There was nothing you could do.


3rd Chorus:
It was getting hard to breathe with that weight pulling down on me. So I had to cut you free.
Have you any sympathy?

Blasting Sound

Written By: Monument To No One

Coming down onto solid ground. We are safe for now, till the stars are rising through us both tonight. Keep your head upright, home is in our sight. Bring us down if you can get us out alive.

You got just what we had in store, but now you’re coming back for more. You’re gonna get what you deserve. You’re gonna crash and burn.

Our mistakes coming back to haunt us and the sky falling down upon us
You gotta learn how to trust your feelings, I’m getting tired of your double dealings.
Cutting out from the blasting sound. But our legs are bound. Hang on tight its gonna be a bumpy ride. On the other side of the great divide I will try to stand against the rising tide.

And as we’re plunging to our doom, you will collapse our sonic boom
as the horizon peels away, you’d stop to watch the break of day.
You got just what we had in store, but now you’re coming back for more, you’re gonna get what you deserve. You’re gonna crash and burn.

Our mistakes coming back to haunt us and the sky falling down upon us
You gotta learn not to trust your feelings, I’m getting tired of you double dealings
Our mistakes coming back to haunt us and the sky falling down upon us
you gotta learn how to find in yourself what you won’t get from anyone else.

I freed you. Don’t need you.


Monument to No One - available via iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp. Airplay via KOOP, KTSW and KROX.

Set List


Officer Hardass
Olympus Mons
Blasting Sound
De Gama
Death Warrant
Don't Tase Me, Bro/Mountaineer

Covers (not frequently performed unless the venue requests them)
Frailed & Bedazzled - Smashing Pumpkins
The Bends - Radiohead
Hybrid Moments - The Misfits

Sets are typically 45-60 minutes and heavy on original material.