Post-Western B-Movie Rock


Moo play Post-Western B-Movie Rock -
The Dublin-based three-piece band have a sound that incorporates a wide variety of influences from Cinematic Western Scores to Rockabilly, Latin-American grooves and Rock'n'Roll.

This summer sees them touring around Ireland to promote their latest CD “Tall Tales”. Released in April, the EP has been garnering a lot of plaudits from critics and fans alike (see below).

Previous to this, Moo released their debut album “Wanted” and a video (see link below) for the lead single from the album. Currently they are in production for their next video.

Alongside their deft songwriting skills and musicianship, Moo are also known for their energetic live shows, and perform regularly all over the country, as well as supporting international acts when they tour in Ireland.

Moo are: Claudio Mercante (Vocals & Guitar), Darren Flynn (Bass & Vocals) and Mark Finlay (Drums & Vocals)

They all share a love of Johnny Cash, Brian Setzer, Enio Morricone and Heavy Trash-era John Spencer and have all played in a wide variety of bands (from Rock to Brazilian Reggae) and bring this experience to bear in their collaboration, bringing maturity to their work whilst still thinking outside the box.


200 Horses (an' Jesus Riding Shotgun)

Written By: Darren Flynn

My first car was a beat up ‘89
With lime green interior, but at least it was all mine
My girlfriend’s daddy shot it up
When he thought I’d knocked ‘er up
But at least I wasn’t inside at the time

Now you see those red tail lights up ahead
Well pretty soon my dear, we’re gonna be neck and neck
So if you wanna take your chance, son, you better make sure you got one
‘cos I got 2000 Horses and Jesus ridin’ shotgun

One night racing round the barrio
A flat bed ford truck’s headlights facing me on the road
Well I hit the brakes, try to swerve
Held the wheel, I held my nerves,
An’ I know that Jesus races with me now

I was 19 when I won my first car race
With my carburetor shot, and blood across my face
I didn’t care, I felt so fine
When I crossed the finish line
The lord never puts me second place

An’ one night on the outskirts of town
In my rearview mirror I see the devil bearing down
Well I hunkered down, hit the gas
Ol’ Betsy here was way too fast
He’s probably still out looking for me now!

Eli Jones

Written By: Darren Flynn

My name is Eli Jones
I’m a preacher’s son but no preacher
Done some things my Daddy’s none too proud of
I’ve played some folks like games
Broke hearts an’ deals
An’ walked away
An’ I ain’t the type to hang my head in shame

My Daddy says:
“Son you’re gonna get yourself shot one o’ these days”
An’ I say
Daddy you gotta be quick to shoot me down!
My Daddy says:
“Son you’d better watch your step or you’ll end up in Jail”
But I say
Daddy don’t you preach to me well I ain’t one of your damn sheep there ain’t no cop smart enough to take me

An’ don’t you make a sound!
‘cos no one likes a smart ass
Eli Jones!

My name is Eli Jones
I sure am pleased to meet ya
Stick with me man, you won’t go too wrong
Well I bin’ shot an’ nearly killed
But lookie here, well I’m standin’ still
An’ these prison walls ain’t gonna hold me long

But my daddy says:
“Son I hope you’re thinking about going straight”
An’ I say
Daddy I don’t think I’d even know how
My Daddy says:
“Son how can you be so resigned to your fate?”
An’ I say
Daddy don’t you preach to me well I still ain’t one of your damn sheep
Next time I’ll be smarter, no one can stop me

An’ don’t you make a sound
‘cos no one likes a smart ass
Eli Jones!


An’ don’t you make a sound!
‘cos no one likes a smart ass
Eli Jones!

An’ don’t you make a sound!
‘cos no one likes a smart ass
no one likes a smart ass
no one likes a smart ass
Eli Jones!


EP "Tall Tales" released April 2013. Available worldwide on iTunes.

Debut album "Wanted" released September 17 2011 available on iTunes & (except US)

Some songs currently available on Soundcloud at

Set List

Rainy Day
Runnin' Fool
La Citta
Dead Cow Walking
Restless Blues
Zombies on the Highway
The Little Boat
Petty Thieves
Long Way Down
Man of Habit
Eli Jones
2000 Horses