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Richmond, Virginia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017

Richmond, Virginia, United States
Established on Jan, 2017
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You know I like to look back on things that may not have gotten the proper attention, and the beginning of the year is an especially dry time for music due to everyone nursing hangovers. 2018 was an especially rough binge musically, but somehow 4 World by Moochieee flew under the radar. Not for long!

From the opening track “Designer” featuring DJ a-one, it’s clear he is a man on a mission. The D.O.A Ent signee is loud and proud, making it clear just who he is and what to expect from the 10-track project. “Noriega” he gets into more a lyrical bag, but two songs in it is obvious he has a knack for melodic choruses. Where some melodic efforts feel forced, his use blends quite naturally with the uptempo beats behind him.

Along with DJ a-one, Lil Co, Lil So and Slimesito appear on the project. The Lil So-featuring “Drive Thru” is features most faster flow and cadence, a fun listening experience but also an impressive display of skill. There aren’t too many who can successfully rap like that nowadays. With eight of 10 tracks having features, it could be easy for Moochieee to fall behind but I feel he truly shines. It speaks to his vision and the arrangement of the project.

Other bangers for me were “Straight Up,” “Like,” and “Let’s Do It.” Should we be shocked? This guy’s from Richmond, VA. They tend to breed talent when it comes to music. I genuinely enjoyed the project, though I’d like to see him play around with some different sounds. Definitely a strong effort from Moochieee and Private Practice Management is doing good work down there. I see potential for sure, and I look forward to what comes next out of that camp. Take 31 minutes out of your day and check out 4 World below. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. - ARMOND SADLER


Taking off from the southside of Richmond, Virginia—a city notorious for its controversial memorials to confederate soldiers and its habitually high rate of poverty and murder—Moochieee (pronounced “Moo-Chee”), is an emerging young rapper who draws a lot of his inspiration from everyday life in the “Dirty South.”

Moochieee raps about how had to adapt to life in the city in order to get ahead. And when his family fell on hard times, he stepped up and did what he had to do to provide for them. While he admits not all of his choices were always for the best, these decisions were what ultimately set him on his current journey through the music industry.

Although he never wanted to be in the spotlight, Moochieee created a cult following just by rapping for friends and peers. With the help of his longtime friend and manager, Ghost, the two created their own independent label, D.O.A. Entertainment, and thanks to the breakout success of his single, “Noriega,” was signed to a distribution deal with Empire.

Salute Magazine recently caught up with Moochieee to discuss “Straight Up,” the latest single off his upcoming project, 4World, which will be hosted by Atlanta’s own DJ AONE.

SALUTE: How did you first get your start as a rapper?

Pretty much… I did time [in prison] and because I was doing time – I was doing a good bit of time – I was just writing music. And as I was writing the music and singing my song people throughout the whole facility were singing my song and they were listening. Know what I mean? In the middle of the night wake me up just singing my song.

SALUTE: How old were you when you started to rap?

22… I am only 23 now. It has been one whole year, going on two years. I always knew how to do it, I just didn’t always care to do it that much, but once you go through hard times you just turn out with a better heart.

SALUTE: Tell me more about how your first single, “Noriega,” came together.

There’s truth behind it. Where I am from you never leave the house without a gun. A semi of any type. That’s why I am like ”never leave without a semi.” It’s pretty much everyday life being from Richmond. You gotta to be from there… live it to understand.

SALUTE: Would you say everyday life in Richmond plays a role in your music?

Yeah. It plays a big role. It plays a huge role. I believe somebody gotta put it to ‘em. They’re going to respect me.

SALUTE: Who are a couple of artists you would want to collaborate within the industry?

In the industry right now, I’ve collabed with a good few that I really wanted to. It’s not really a big area of people I want to collaborate with. I mean everybody in the industry wants at least one song with Drake. I mean I can go for that. Of course, everybody wants to go with Drake.

SALUTE: I also got a chance to check out your upcoming single, “Straight Up” and it’s a real banger. Just wanted to know how you feel about it and what you hope people take away from listening?

People are going to get their own interpretation from each and every song… as long as I still leave them happy. I did put not only my time and effort into it, I got stuff way better now. That was a good minute ago I made “Straight Up” and I am happy that it’s hitting the goal it’s reaching now. 100K or doing the hell whatever they thought it would be in less than a month.

But everybody has their own message behind it. My message is pretty much, if you listen to every lyric it’s just right there… just “Straight Up.”

SALUTE: Is it harder for a young artist starting out? Do you feel that age plays a role in the industry?

I don’t think the age has anything to do with it. It’s the skills and the business behind it. It’s what you say and what you do. But there’s a lot of people here doing it from 15-to-38. A lot of people that are still underage.

SALUTE: Tell me more about how you landed a distribution deal with Empire.

I had someone come to me with distribution and it all sounded good so I started working for Empire. It’s actually going pretty good… things are going swell if you ask me. I’ve been with Empire since May, so a couple of months, and I’ve been sending an assload of units to Empire. We got 14,000 units since June 2017 and we hadn’t dropped anything at all. Just a couple projects here and there. That’s okay. I’m always shooting for better. As soon as we get to 100,000 units I’ll be a very very happy guy.

SALUTE: So, what’s next for Moochieee?

I got New York Fashion Week next month (September 7-8th) and then the album, which is not dropping anytime soon, is going to be titled 4World and is going to be hosted by DJ AONE.

SALUTE: What about plans for a tour?

We’re looking into one in November. If everything goes right then, yeah, we’ll definitely do that. In God’s graces, it will happen. - DAN OFFNER


Meet up and coming Richmond, Va rapper Moochieee fresh off dropping a crazy visual for "Straight Up."

The D.O.A ENT /EMPIRE signee follows up "Noriega" with another banger and video with "Straight Up" shot by the one and only Spencer Sease. Set to put himself on the map as one of the top tier artist in the city. You gotta stay tuned for his project 4 World hosted by Atlanta's own DJ AOne coming soon and follow the movement - ORGANIC MUSIC MARKETING




Malachi Mcdougald b/k/a Moochieee was born in Richmond, VA on August 27,
1994. “Growing up he was known for being the cool kid,” states Ghost
(his childhood friend now manager at D.O.A. Ent), “Mooch has always been laid back and very humble. Everyone liked him.”

Richmond, Va is known for its high murder rate, ranking from
number 12 to number five in the country, depending on the season.
Moochieee learned early on through his travels from his mother's home on
the Westside to his father's on the Southside that you either learn to
adapt to the life or quickly fail to exist in his city. When his family
fell on hard times, Moochieee didn't hesitate at stepping up to provide
for them by any means necessary. Although he admits not all choices were
the best. The results of some of those choices did lead to Moochieee's
current journey in the music industry.

Moochieee never really
wanted to be in the spotlight, he found himself creating a fan base by
reciting his lyrics around his peers. “When I first started to rap, I
remember my friend Chicago telling me, that he could relate to each and
every word he heard, like I was telling his story.” recalls Moochieee.
As months passed he was made aware that Chicago wasn't the only one who
felt that way about his music.Moochieee became focused on making a name
for himself within the music industry so he could make a way for the
rest of his Richmond peers to be able to make a name for themselves as

In October of 2016 and in February of 2017 Moochieee
released his first and second singles God Damn and Desolation. Speaking
nothing but facts of his own experiences in his hometown, his supporters
felt his story. Not only did he earn more of their respect and love,
they started to make sure he was being heard. After honing in on his
craft through writing more and featuring on a few tracks here and there.
The demand for Moochieee to release more music was being heard loud and

In May 2017, ( his longtime friend) Ghost became
Moochieee’s manager and together they gave birth to D.O.A Ent. While
putting his final touches on his mixtape Chapo 4 President ,Moochieee
was given the chance to be the opening act a long side his friend Lil So
for Ralo in Richmond, Va. While his name was creating attention,
Moochieee decided to released his single Larry Bird late June and as he
expected it was received with open arms.The love and support he received
from his supporters inspired him to work even harder on his next
project. Chapo 4 President was finally released later on in December of

Moochieee delivered once again, on February 26th,
surprising everyone with his single Noriega. As the clubs and colleges
went into a frenzy keeping his song on repeat. Moochieee surprised
everyone again a week later releasing his video for his new single on
Youtube. Within the first few days Noriega hit over 1,000 views. Proving
to any doubters that were still in the shadows, that Moochieee was and
is a force to be reckoned with.

While performing at multiple
venues which included Averett University and Randolph Macon College the
demand for Noriega was spreading fast. His next performance was held in
Brooklyn, Ny, a long side his fellow Richmond native Reppa Ton, (this
event was sold out within the first two weeks). Moochieee, still buzzing
off of the energy from the love he received in Brooklyn, was welcomed
home with a very humbling gift. Noriega had been officially put in
rotation on Iheartradio. Giving full access to his supporters world wide
to have Noriega as a permanent fixture in their playlist.

After careful consideration between the various labels trying to recruit
Moochieee, his choice to sign with Empire Records, as his platform to
distribute his music, was made official on May 23rd.

inspired by my family, my friends and my supporters to keep sharing my
story. Richmond has a lot of talent, like myself, that just wants to be
of D.O.A Ent.

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