Mood du Jour

Mood du Jour


Original music spanning the spectrum from rock to funk, to blues, to latin/jazz to pop. Musical sophistication that mesmerizes the listener with intoxicating moods, rhythms and melodies about people, their lives and our world. Dynamic and diverse. Something for everyone.


‘Mood du Jour’ features six musicians from Oregon who have woven a musical tapestry of moods together for the last fifteen years. They have brought their music to audiences at major festivals in Eugene, Portland, and Seattle; have placed in the top ten percent of submissions to major international song writing competitions; and, have performed on satellite television in Nashville, Tennessee, broadcasting their Nashville Starseek performance worldwide. Each band member is an accomplished musician/performer in their own right who create, sculpt and perform a unique array of original songs which illuminate a spectrum of genres and captivating moods. Their versatility allows your audience, in their varied ages and musical interests, to join enthusiastically in ‘Mood du Jour’s performance.



Written By: Judy K. Vogelsang

i just found out yesterday
that you'd been gone for years
the news took my breath away
and steady came my tears
wish i could have said goodbye
could have held your hand
and smiled
and spent some time remembering
the intersection of our lives

i have a picture of you on my shelf
from when we played in a
rock in roll band
and a tape of your voice
at a coffee shop
when as 'fallen angels' we sang

fallen angel you're a real angel now
fallen angel you're a real angel now
angel, angel, angel, angel

i can recall your laugh
and your beautiful soul
you had an easiness
that i wish that i could hold
you saw the bright side of life
when i struggled through the dark
and it seems so unfair to me now
to think you had to part

i hope you know you were loved
my friend
and that you'll be with me til my end
when i look to the sky and hear
a voice harmonize
i know it's you joining in

repeat "fallen angel"


Written By: Tom Boyd

hey you mr. nowhere man
buy yourself a better tan
pills to make you superman
better get a brain scan
buy the kids some happy meals
you toss 'em in the landfills
mountains out of molehills
welcome to mt. trashmore

come of people clap your hands
for you and me and richard sans
fanfare for the corporate man
hey, welcome to the wasteland

jockeys pumping octane
cattle pumping methane
warming to the red zone
dittos in the ozone
hyperbolic hydro
power up the lightshow
the salmon are a no-show..ah oh

St. Tropez

Written By: Gerry Rempel

walking in the sands of st. tropez
with the one i love
warm breezes kissing our
cares away
southern cross above

just one more night in st. tropez
and this chance with you
paint me a picture i can have today
one i can never lose

paint me a big bright yellow sun
and an ocean so blue
color me baby right by your side
longer than this night will hue
longer than this night will hue


Written By: Judy K. Vogelsang

somewhere in a deep december
on a night when i remembered
everything that's come to pass
every dream i ever ventured
every pain i ever censured
flowin like sand in an hourglass

these streams of every moment
raising things in me that foment
stealing my sleep and then i sink
into places i've emboldened
into words i should have spoken
racing now so very fast
in the chill of the night

now it's the heat of the summer
stealing my well earned slumber
taking me hostage tonight
the sweat on my brow is drippin'
into the glass that i've been sippin'
but i can't quench this thirst tonight

it's not like the heat of passion
chords flyin' and
words comin' crashin'
onto the page as i write
it's not like the heat of the fire
that burns in me like desire
no, i'm not that lucky tonight
it's just the heat of the night

hold me again
won't you come back
and just let me in
you're supposed to be my friend
won't you come back
and just let me in


HandTwoHand CD compilation
Vogelsang and Camelio

Uncle Judy CD compilation
Everybody & Their Uncle

Set List

Let it Go - Funk
Angel - Pop
Two Hearts - Rock
St. Tropez - Latin/Jazz
Wasteland - Pop/Rock
Slumber - Pop
Gonna Be Wrong - Funk
Every Trust - Latin/Jazz
Diga Me - Latin/Pop
House of Glass - Rock

Set Lists are versatile and ever-changing. 100 original songs to choose from for every performance. We tailor to suit the festival. We can do 45-90 minute performances without a break. No covers.