Mood Garden Celluloid

Mood Garden Celluloid



Mood Garden Celluloid nasce nella primavera del 2011 da idee confuse, lunatiche ma decise.

Privo di riferimenti padri e influenze madri opprimenti, svolge la sua pellicola nella ricerca di un gusto personale al riparo da costrizioni di compiacenza e soddisfazione di bisogni altrui.

L’approccio al suono è uno dei pochi elementi coerenti che lo rende una proiezione continua non dispersa così come
il timbro orientato all’incisione duratura del mezzo attraversato,
l’istinto spinto nell’abbandono di labirinti costruiti su giri infiniti,
il piacere di scorgersi
e contemporaneamente di creare e ricreare se stesso a molteplici immagini e somiglianze.

Mood Garden Celluloid impressiona imperterrito i suoi fotogrammi, cresce, cattura, divora, illude, precipita.


Man with the inner

Written By: Mood Garden Celluloid

i walk, traveling across the world,
with the weight of my gloom
looking for someone or something

that i can accept in my world,
that can feel with me like i do,
something not trivial, but dense and deep

i often remains motionless, crowded out
I feel me crying out.

I was lost alone in the world
and I met the man with the inner
he is disarming, he takes my breath away

so I do not know if he is enjoying it
Or should i save him?
i could be mad

i don't know if i'm insane,
could I blame him?

don't found anything at all
anything, any sun beam, anything at all

Cyber eyes

Written By: Mood Garden Celluloid

Shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, fingers
well, I'm fine here,
empty feeling sharing just few slivers
which are yet enough
my cyber eyes keep me safe,they stare, control
Cyber eyes, nothing is compromised, when I know and when I have time to think
Sieving all possibilities, pondering everything, i face to life

Spending time, so many time at whisper
it isn't a coincidence
hang around, figure out, and so ever
come and see, no, wait!
my cyber eyes are so able to keep you away
cyber eyes, i'm not compromised, when you are one of the few that i love
and even if i'm holding you, I still did not need anyone

Wrong (flesh and blood)

Written By: Mood Garden Celluloid

all i'm searching , all i want, all that i need, and so on, if just i want i take all
nothing scares me, I'm a tank, you'll never be as good as me, i never felt mercy..

hey man! you know what? is that I don't care
don't care who you are. but you know who I am
things are as I say, this is righteousness
fight strong and you'll have a worthy burial

you realize you can't forget me

no worries baby, I'm a manly man .. so you will be my sacrifice

outside, there's only flesh and blood
watching out to see everything wrong
with eyes of child, I saw just flesh and blood
when I lost, I swallowed flesh and blood
love and sex are simply flesh and blood
power, strength, all the rest are flesh and blood
I'm doing right, don't tell me I am wrong
when I exist, i am, and there is nothing wrong
blood and flesh, and there is nothing wrong

what I lived not shine, what I lived didn't shine, what I lived not shine, what I lived didn't shine

Beverly road

Written By: Mood Garden Celluloid

Awareness of me
Defines my boundaries

How long is Beverly Road?
The way to reaching us
So i...

Unraveling the weaves
Rewinding the threads

How long is Beverly Road?
The way to living us
And i...

Straight on and on you
Are you my ground, are you my fall?
So blow up deeper

All around the burden of these chains control us...