New York City, New York, USA

Mook can be likened to what one might imagine the soundtrack to a ghost town would be. It is unlike anything you have heard yet similar to everything you have listened to. Mook bends the rules without breaking the flow.


Mook’s approach to music relies on seamless dichotomies of musical arrangement. Each song juxtaposes a number of influences in a natural and modest way. This allows for greater accessibility and application of the proper hooks. Mook’s lyrical output is that of the persona of the band itself, musically serious yet artistically playful. As lead singer, Paul Dano’s voice never fails to rest perfectly within the feeling of each song. However, each member does his part to thread vocal texture throughout each composition.

The band offers no consensus on an artist or series of artists with which they’d compare their sound. However, they do find themselves in agreement on the following: Michael Jackson, The Wu-Tang Clan, Earth Wind & Fire, and the word “lips.”

Show History:
With a number of gigs under their belt, Mook has planted its seed on a variety of stages. From the olfactory turbulence of Northern Jersey (Hamilton St. Cafe), the wintry nature of Boston: (Harpers Ferry) and Northern Massachusetts (Williams College) – not to mention the New York city haunts (Sin-e, The Delancey, Arlene’s Grocery) the band calls home, Mook has proven itself a hardy and fertile road warrior up and down the east coast.

Band Members:

Rob Bruce: Bass
-Age: 25
-Function: Ensures band objective: “Keeping Rock Alive” as rhythmical bedrock.
-Occupation: Beard Growth Analyst, Part-time Vagrant
-Limit: Small feet
-Influence: Mike Patton
-Background: Self proclaimed as the son of a pirate-hooker, Rob earned the nick-name “Mr. Hands” through a freak accident involving a baseball glove, a pair of mittens and a Ouija board. His belief in the chicken before the egg is an unshakable truth.

Paul Dano: Guitar, Vocals
-Age: 22
-Function: Ensures all Mook products are lactose free.
-Occupation: Student (The New School, NYC), major motion picture stunt double.
-Limit: Dairy Foods, Artichokes
-Influence: Rainer Maria Rilke
-Background: A firm believer in the chicken before the egg, Paul suffers from acute post-song anxiety and may often be found wearing flannel, tapered sweat-pants or a combination of both.

Dan Kreiger: Piano, and The Various Forms Thereof
-Age: 22
-Function: Ensures all Mook products are kosher.
-Occupation: Student (New York University, N.Y.C.), Piano Teacher
-Limit: Restricted to 7 words of live, non-lyrical, audience/band communication
-Influence: Glenn Gould
-Background: Choosing music over life in the circus, Dan plays piano with greater genius than Dr. Frankenstein’s manipulation of the organ. He believes the egg pre-dated the chicken.

Gus Johnson: Drums, Percussion
-Age: 21
-Function: Ensures all Mook products are given the appropriate level of Soul.
-Occupation: Student (Western C.T. State University), Drum Instructor
-Limit: Not Applicable
-Influence: James Brown
-Background: Gus exudes a disposition similar to that of the 1950’s drummers; all smiles, great hair and white teeth. His contemporary approach to percussion has deep roots in the traditional style. Shrouded in what can only be described as ‘cheerful mystery’, he believes the question is not “the chicken or the egg” but rather – “where did that nest come from?”

-by Kevin Smallwood



Written By: Paul Dano

darkling, he waits (he waits)
by the stairs
to her house
but he won't go in there
in drowsy woodland
where there is no light
and a pale moon waning
over darkling sights

the day was dim (was dim)
like the sun had set
let white blankets
help him to forget
the bags in the bathroom
the lies that were said
but he'll never forget
the black on the bed

there is no light
there is no light
darkling night
there is no light

time to pray (to pray)
absolve his sins
absolve his fever
lord rescue him
from ancient ruin
that darkling bring
here in the woodland
where darkling birds sing

there is no light
there is no light
darkling night
there is no light

Hooded Hawks

Written By: Paul Dano

hooded hawks in the night
perched on city stoops
still as silence in the dark
killers of the avenue
the tempest bird with his shrill
is blinded by his broken will
and the quiet scream of death
ignites the oil-sky


creation suns
the people switch their menaced faces
like pigeons in feeding circles
that are the same in all places
with cynical eye, i, hooded hawk swoop
a deadly decent into garbage and soot
and the quiet scream of death
ignites the oil-sky


i am lost, and forgotten
falling from the sky
like a hooded hawk, in the night
waiting to die


"The Eggs EP" - Dec. 2006

Available on iTunes and most other digital retailers. Also available at

Set List

Mook shows range from 1-3 hrs. For longer shows, each set runs from 45 min. to 1 hr.