70's progressive rock mixed with indie/emo elements, and improv jams similar to the power trios of Rush, the Police, Firehose, and Primus


Moonbagg has been playing for five years in the NEPA region. They have been described as rock with a progressive/indie edge and jazzy feel and have a wide array of influences ranging from Radiohead to James Brown.

Some of the venues they have played include The Abilene in Philadelphia, Kenny’s Castaway’s in NYC, The Underpass in NJ, and a variety of clubs around the Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton area such as Murray’s Inn w/ Seth Yacovone, The Staircase, The Bog, and The River St. Jazz Café.

Moonbagg follows the songwriting ethic of not getting trapped in any certain genre and works toward letting the song present itself. They feel that removing themselves from the song is the only honest approach to songwriting, and will render a unique sound.


Life as a Dime

Written By: Vic Deluca

Before springtime / I must go / And leave you my friends / To find my home / I was born under dark skies / The roots never took hold / To the ground below us / In the wind I blow I was once told the tale of / That we reap what we sow / And fell through the cracks / To the things below / And we once sucked the marrow / And like water it flowed / to the source within us / to our soul Like a sparrow in the winter / That dwell with the crow / Aloft in the night skies / In the wind I blow / But before I leave here / There's something you should know / In the day's spent between us / Like love it flowed

Have We Met

Written By: Vic Deluca

Things that you call your own / Keep coming back to you / That is not my bag / I follow no one's bone / I might be my own / I might be unclear / At least I don't stand on the path / That leads to no unknown

Now I might be unclear / But I feel really near / To the place I know / The place where I come from / There I go again / Sounding like a fool / Sounding so unclear / Now there I go again

What's to Come

Written By: Vic Deluca

On the western shores / Of the Langerhans / Darkened seas lie in wait / Blood tides sear the ebb and flow / Flow to the upward stream / Fighting the stream / Let the stream take you under / Until seasons pass / Gathering stones / My love its been so long / Since I let go / Of what's to come But in the meantime / Your eyes tempt me / Revealing / What's hidden tightly / From the center of the depths / Rising from the abyss / In the riptide of the currents / Speaks the undertow On the eastern banks / Of the Langerhans / Receding seas lie in wake / Blood tides sear the ebb and flow / Flow to the upward stream / Fighting the stream / Let the stream take you under / Until seasons pass / Gathering stones / My love its been so long / Since I've seen signs / Of what's to come Now was my time / Here spent wisely / Or was it left in the shallows / Beyond the ebb & flow


Moonbagg - Self-titled EP
released July 2003, 5 songs
The first song, "Life as a Dime" is currently receiving airplay on 3 commercial radio stations and 1 college station. We're in standard rotation on 2 of those stations.

Set List

We usually play two, one hour sets with a ratio of 2 originals to one cover

Biscuits & Gravy
Life as a Dime
What’s to Come
One Night Stand
Have We Met

Karma Police - Radiohead
The Bends - Radiohead
Captain – fIREHOSE
Captain – Grand Funk Railroad
Airplane - Widespread Panic
Dirty Love - Frank Zappa (James sings)
Norwegian Wood - The Beatles
Blackbird - The Beatles
Molly’s Lips - Nirvana
You’re So Bad - Tom Petty
Lovin’ in my Babies Eyes - Taj Mahal
Pamela Brown - Leo Kottke
So Far Away From Me - Dire Straits (James sings)
All Along the Watchtower - Bob Dylan