tropical electronica, shamanic noise, bird-pop


Moonbird is inspired by the works of Charles Darwin, The Boredoms and tropic birds of prey

Hard to compare to anything else,
being a mixture of both shamanic rhythms, dub-steb, African traditionals, cut-up electronic beats and ornithological terms.

Moonbird is a new child of Jonatan Bengta also known as Edmund Oak

A debut mini-album is out in spring 2010 feat 4-5 new tracks


Satelite Males

Written By: jonatan bengta

flew like a geier*
the moonbird flew like a geier

like a geier on a smokey hill
on the cows
on the summer-fields

up there the moonbird in his lonely tree
his beak open-wide
his opal-smile
he cranks out the marrow from a stolen bone
from his eyes I can tell
all is well

flew like a moonbird
up high
brave like a moonbird
this time
great blue-turacco
pitch like a kagu
the moonbird

back there the oil-bird
walking upside down
and a ruff-wader sneaking a mate
while his brothers fight
a clown-laughing kukaburra
hits the scene
killing a snake with a single blow
eating it whole

up there the moonbird..


Set List

20-30 min

1.Satelite Males
2.Fireside Disco
3.Toxic Feathers
4.Charles Darwin For Modern Radio
5.Dance Like A Star