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"The Free, Fresh Flavor of Robo-Robb"

Every so often I run across an artist in town who is doing interesting work. When they want to give you an opportunity to sample their wears for free, I like to tell you about it.

That’s the case with Robo-Robb who is offering a free download right now of his new album SOULBOT2 on the bandcamp website.

I met Robo-Robb about a year a half ago at a Mitten Movie Project screening. He’s a good friend and collaborator of local funkmeister and animator Electric Otto. When I met Robb I learned that he’s also into radio. He hosts a Saturday night show on WXOU at Oakland University. Beyond that, we had the same mentor, Gene Fogel, when we were both starting in the radio business.

A few months ago Robb sent me a copy of SOULBOT2, his latest work.

I have to say for a good week I was spinning it constantly in my car as I was running from story to story.

The reason why I enjoy SOULBOT2 is Robb’s board range of sounds and ideas. For example, how many rappers write songs about the impact of their grandfather on them? The song also features a French song Robb was taught by his Québécois grandfather. If you talk to Robb you learn that he's very proud of his family's history.
My favorite track on SOULBOT2 is “Blue Skies”. The song features a sample from the jazz standard of the same name to highlight the themes of the piece. Robo is able to use the track to show the tie between classic jazz and modern era hip-hop.

Beyond that, a video for “Untitled” was recently created using stop motion techniques. You can check that out below. - Rob St.Mary-WDET

"Robby Wildebeat: So Sad (Video) **Album Review**"

I’m a huge fan of words and the power they convey but many times in this modern era of Hip-Hop and rap music you run across words you don’t want to hear. Or someone trying to express themselves without words which can end up anywhere on the line between daring and boring as hell. In this instance we are somewhere in between. Producer Robby Wildebeat has released an instrumental only album, graciously offered at free.99 in an effort to get you hip to what he’s trying to do. In addition, he’s dropped a video to give some color to his sound and perhaps provide a thousand words that he didn’t have.

The album, which we’ll bless you with below is called My Salad Days Volume 1 and was released towards the end of 2011. The video is brand spanking new. Take a trip through Robby’s world, a most of fairy tale atmospherics, electrofunk, Hip-Hop and string-driven grooves. The tracks are thankfully short and rangy soyou won’t get bored without words to go with them. Sooth your savage beast with tracks from the Wildebeat. Eanjoy. - Odeisel- Planet Ill

"Alumni of Eagle Ave."

Alumni. by the name you automatically think of people from the past. But not for this particular group. Alumni is current group of two individuals Anthony Campbell and David Wesley or better know as stage names Fellowhood & GloryDayz. Alumni is a group of the independent label Eagle Ave. The two Fellowhood as well as GloryDayz both reside in Flint, Michigan. What makes his Hip-Hop group more special than others is that their main focus is the quality of their music and not the quantity. By that being said, Alumni takes time to enrich their lyrics to provide deeper meanings other than just Drugs, violence, & sex as most artists in Flint offers. Upcoming projects from Alumni to stay tuned for “The Last Days of Disco” available by March at In the mean time be sure to check out “The Last Days of Disco “preview! - Sole Individual SNDVL

"Introducing Crom Royale"

Born on April 16th, 1987 in Detroit, Michigan, Matthew 'Crom Royale' Cromwell is the youngest son of a fashion photographer and a seamstress who began rapping at the age of 11 when he created a crudely-recorded demo tape on a floppy disk.

As a freshman in high school, Crom Royale participated in daily freestyle battles during lunchtime, using it as an opportunity to poke fun at anybody who teased him about his multi-racial ethnicity (he's English, Italian, and African-American but somehow looks like a Mexican).

Since graduating high school in 2005, Crom Royale has recorded and performed with some of Detroit's most talented artists, including Guilty Simpson from Stone's Throw Records and Witt & Pep -- the masterminds behind Obie Trice's "Cry Now" and D12's "How Come". He's performed at numerous venues in Metro Detroit, once in Chicago, and once in Spokane.
In 2011, Crom Royale released his debut solo album entitled "The Matthew Cromwell EP" which is being distributed online.

Currently, he's studying to receive a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University; pursuing another life-long dream of becoming a novelist and screenwriter. He resides and records in Auburn Hills, Michigan. - Urban Vault

"Crom Royale "tenenbaum" Video"

As Detroit native – Crom Royale gets set to drop his new album (currently untitled) over the next few months, he has not left his fans hanging. Peep the vid for track Tenenbaum. Shot in his typically dark, gritty style… A truly dope offering.

“To me, the song is about struggling with everyday impulses and trying not to act on them even though they’re always there right in front of your face. – Crom Royale - Ayara Pommels (Raw Roots)

"DONT SLEEP: Moonchild "Love For The Music Part 1""

I got an email from emcee/producer Moonchild last night with a link to his new project “Love For The Music Part 1?. I listened to it that night along with the attached instrumentals project that follows on the Bandcamp. DON’T SLEEP! - Dart Adams- (Producers I Know)

"Love For The Music Part 1 Album review. (Moonchild)"

Seeing a movie without having heard any opinions about it is sometimes that much more enjoyable. After all there is no tainted expectation for it to fall short of. That was the case with producer MoonChild’s new compilation album Love For The Music Part 1. From the jump MoonChild delivers head nodding bangers with the lead track “I’m Going In”. The beat isn’t intricate or complex, but accompanied by Glory, Fellow Hood and Jus Ra laying strong verses, it’s a great way to start the album. Listening to the entire project, it’s hard to pinpoint what MoonChild’s signature sound is as it varies from track to track giving glimpses of his versatility, but he shines most on tracks where he utilizes samples like on standouts “Children Of The Night” and the speaker knocking “Dreams”. It’s not quite groundbreaking but makes for a strong Midwest compilation for the system. - Duane Benjamin (Urbanology Magazine)

"Moonchild Producer Spotlight @"

Michigan producer MoonChild has seen his fair share of work posted here at From his 2008 album with Robo Robb, Save The Music, and his 2010 collaborative effort with Trav Williams, Better Late Than Never, to his most recent KN sponsored project, For The Love of Music Part 1. Three years since his debut posting here on KN, we feel he deserves the spotlight treatment. Hit the jump to get to know a little more about MoonChild…

Where you reppin?

I’m reppin Michigan no question, lived there my whole life, until I moved to AZ about 4 years ago. Still love going back to see all my family and friends. Every artist on my album is from home, so that just shows how much I’m still connected to the state.

Introduce yourself:

The name is MoonChild and I’m repping Michigan heavy like I already mentioned. l started making beats back in like ’01, ’02, just messing around with my brothers equipment. Was influenced by my Uncle Brian, my brother Oronde and my cousin Uncle P early on when it came to the music. Eventually I just decided to start doing my own thing and started making music with my people from High school. Been doing this music serious on the indie level for about 4 years now, its been a memorable journey so far building up this Hi-Hill Recordings Brand.

Where did the name Moonchild come from?

Man, that’s funny you ask. My brothers (and others) use to always make jokes of how light skinned I was and how big my head was back in the day. Someone eventually compared me to the Moon, and after that it just kinda stuck. Then once I started doing beats, I thought that would be dope just to run it.

Main musical inspirations:

Some of my main musical inspirations producer wise would have to be Timbaland, DJ Premier and J Dilla, top 3 in my book no question. But outside of hip hop, it would be Quincy Jones, Lonnie Liston Smith, Barry White, Bob James, Lamont Dozier, Dexter Wansel, George Benson and the list goes on. Greatest artist of all time in my book is the late Michael Jackson.

When did you fall in love with hip hop?

To be honest I think the first album I copped myself was the Nas Street Dreams album, but I could be mistaken, I was rocking wit Bone Thugs heavy back then. I have two older brothers so I think I fell in love with the music when I was young. Coming up I had a steady dose of Big Daddy Kane, Mc Lyte, Rakim, Nas, Tribe, The Pharcyde, Lost Boyz (underrated!) De La Soul, Pac and the list goes on again.

Current projects we should be looking out for:

I just dropped my new album on 9/21 called Love For the Music. It was actually released here @, so thank you again for that. The album is doing really well and it seems like the people love it, so I’m hype about that. The album features all Michigan emcees: Glory, Fellow Hood and Jus Ra (Flint) Magestik Legend, C. Reid, J. Roc, P.H.D and Logos (Detroit).

Previous work that we should know about:

I also dropped a project in 2010 with an emcee by the name of Trav Williams called Better Late Than Never, which was also Sponsored by and Pot Holes Iin My Blog, this joint was a real good look for me. Also in 2008 I dropped a dope project with the homie Robo Robb, who is a very dope emcee from Michigan, that album was called Save The Music. You can download all of these projects @

What’s your equipment setup like?

I don’t want to give away all my secrets but for the most part my main weapon these days is Reason and a gang of records. I been on Reason since the 2.0 days, even though I started making beats and learned on my brothers MPC 2000 and the original ACID software. I been messing with that Maschine lately as well, its dope.

If you had to pick one song that defines your career to date, what song would that be?

This is a dope question but a tough one at the same time. I’m just going to go with “Nas Is Like” because to me that was the perfect beat matched with perfect lyrics.

If you weren’t doing music, what would your occupation be?

Man, if music didn’t take over my life, I probably would of tried to play basketball professionally overseas or something. I been hooping all my life and I played in college as well. But once this music caught me, it actually took a lot of the love away from hooping that I had growing up.

Why should our readers give you a shot and listen to your music from here on out?

Honestly, because I think the music speaks for itself. I feel not only myself but the various artist and producers I have creating music on Hi-Hill Recordings are legit. Not only that, but I feel I am a good person who treat people right, I think that most definitely needs to be a staple in anything any human being is trying to accomplish in life. But yeah we make dope music over here, so please pay attention! And thank you in advance, all the love is appreciated.

If you could only take one record on a deserted island with you, what album would that be?

Michael Jackson’s greatest hits! I would be a lonely ass dancing fool.

Tell us one thing that very few people may know about you.

I attained my Masters Degree in Public Administration.

What’s next for you?

Musically I have several projects dropping in the next 3 or 4 months with artist all associated with my label. I’m really focused on putting the team on right now, and it feels great to be doing so. But I think my next album is gonna be with the homie D. Allie from “Progress Report” and USM, we got a joint called Bright Future and its dope. I also got an album with Flint Michigan emcees Glory and Fellow Hood (Alumni) and that is called Leap of Faith/Dogma, we almost done with that joint and its a dope concept album. We gonna create some dope visuals to go along with the music, so be on the lookout for that. But like I mentioned I got about 5 albums all be worked on as we speak, so this is only the beginning and the order could actually change, so just stay in tuned with the updates on

Any shout outs or last words?

Man, really just want to give you props Kevin, you been holding my music down since ’08, so I truly appreciate that. Big ups to my mom and pops, for raising me right, big ups to my own personal Doctor Ms. Nicole, big ups to my brothers Yatta and Oronde for always being positive role models. Big ups to everyone back home in Michigan all my family and friends. big ups to everybody in the Yak, L.O, the ROC, Detroit, Flint and everywhere in between. Also big ups to all my AZ fam as well, I could go on but ill stop here. PEACE! - Kevin Nottingham

"Moonchild Artist Spotlight @ StupidDope"

Detroit, Michigan native Moonchild is determined to put his stamp on the hip hop world. He recently bagged the producer spotlight on and is focused on becoming one of the best producers in the game. His latest album “For The Love Of Music Part 1” (sponsored by KN) dropped on the 21st September 2011 and has been featured on many hip hop blogs both in the US and across the pond in Europe.
Although Moonchild does rap, his heart and energies are firmly rooted in production having worked with many indie artists such as Trav Williams, Robo Robb, Jus Ra and J. Roc to name a few. “For The Love Of Music” is a testament to Moonchild’s ability as both an artist and beatmaker. Plenty of soul whilst keeping that raw, gritty hip hop feel at all times.
If you would like to download your free copy of “For The Love of Music”, you can do it right here – HERE. Who says no to free, dope music anyway? Definitely one to watch. - StupidDope

"22 New Songs for a New Day: Happy MLK Day for Hip Hop"

Today is a day in history where everything changed. A Man who fought for civil rights and was killed for his dreams really describes what hip hop is in its entirety. It breaks down boundaries between whites and blacks and unifies us all through the language of lyrics and beats
So in that honor, I gathered up 22 kinds of hip hop songs, from all different walks of life. - URB Magazine

"Hi-Hill Recordings in Beat and Lyrics Magazine"

Robo Robb and MoonChild discuss the future of Hi Hill and much more... - Beats and Lyrics Magazine

"Robo Robb [Untitled] Video Press Release"

[untitled] is an independent music video with major appeal.

After ten months [untitled] has finally been released. 100 hours on set and a dozen location changes later the crew was finally pleased with the video and unleashed it on the world. [untitled] is a story about falling in and out of love, an interracial love story and a social statement about the oppression of women. [untitled] premiered, on the big screen, July 5th at the Royal Oak Main Arts Theater in Royal Oak Michigan and went viral that night. This song can be found on Robo-Robb's 2011 Hi-HIll Recordings release, SOULBOT2. Robo-Robb is joined by co-star Cindy Chu who made her short film debut in the award winning short Qing Lou Nu. Cameos in this video include Apollo Brown, Adrienne Williams, Dante LaSalle, Skywlkr, mister and Robert Flood, who is the songs producer.. Let's back track to the inception of the project.
It was October of 2010 and Robo-Robb was meeting Demetrios Anastasiow for the first production meeting to get his latest music video production up and running. Robb had an unreleased copy of a song he had named "untitled", for the interim, it was the first actual love song he had ever written. Demetrios was fired up, as always, he was the first director to take notice of Robb's music during their undergraduate studies, and he directed Robb's first music video titled "Footwork". After they threw around some ideas they decided telling a love story on the screen would be the best way to go. Robb called his friend Cindy Chu during their meeting, he knew she had done some acting work, to see if she'd be interested in starring in the video, she agreed. Robb and Demetrios sat in the parking lot playing the song for a while and decided to go forward. At that moment they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. [untitled] became their most elaborate undertaking to date.

[untitled] was shot in 4 different styles and incorporates some fantastic technique. The producer, Ryan D'Silva, wanted to visually depict falling in and out of love with the shooting styles. The diner scene was shot in 'stop motion' to show the surreal feeling you experience when falling in love. In the dentist office 'time lapse' was used to build on that feeling, which leads to the pizza shop and radio station where 'ghosting' is incorporated to show the deterioration of love. The video finally ends with no effect to show how everything returns to normal. In [untitled] 'rotoscoping' was used to depict the growing burden of economic and social oppression that Cindy (the woman) faces at her job and in her day to day life. Conversely, "rotoscoping' was used in the pizza shop and in the bedroom scene to portray Robb (the man) free of the burden and hardships experienced by his love. As well as being a video about love, this is a video about inequality.

Over the course of those 10 months Cindy went to the Sundance Film Festival. The Producer Ryan D'Silva went to India to visit his family. Robo-Robb released SOULBOT2 and started a new career of public speaking, traveling to high schools all over Michigan, motivating high school students to pursue a higher education. Just about everyone who had a cameo in the video has done some pretty impressive things. Apollo Brown has been one of the most sought after producers in hip-hop, Adrienne Williams directed her first music video, Dante LaSalle was shadowed by a French television documentary and thats just a fraction of the things that have happened in the cast and crews life during those ten months.

The song retains the name "[untitled]" because Robb decided to title the song a picture of a lotus blossom. Since word processors and and iTunes do not recognize graphic representations of song titles he added brackets to "untitled" to reduce confusion.

[untitled] is an offering to lovers, artists, sci-fi enthusiasts, feminists and fanatics of independent music. Shot entirely in Metro Detroit with a minimal budget, the crew was able to secure impressive locations and a photogenic cast that make this video energetic and powerful. Patience and skill went into constructing visuals for a video that could stand independently of the song it accompanies. Love and oppression are everyday stories across the world and sometimes cross paths taking out innocent bystanders. With their sights on the globe, Robb and Demetrios hope to take [untitled] to the world and show the masses what friends from school can do with a camera and a story. - Hi-Hill Recordings

"Robo Robb "Ear Candy" Real Detroit"



Hi-Hill Recordings

Whether you listen to him on 89.3 or just love his company, Robo-Robb's brand new album Soulbot2 will definitely be an addition to the list of things you love about him. His strong delivery paired with his conscious lyricism is a breath of fresh air after listening to radio hits rapping about alcohol, cars and hoes. Fitting perfectly in the hip-hop family that Detroit has cultivated over the years, Robo-Robb's eight-song LP delivers the goods. — TREASURE GROH

Worth a listen: "Moment"
- Real Detroit

"WAKE THE FUCK UP. Glory, an Emcee On The Rise."

Every once in a while a listener comes across that one emcee, rapper, singer, etc. that strikes out to them. A bold statement in the midst of a million tries. Face it...the music industry absent of genre is over saturated. It's full of fake visages & $money$ driven PR. Fortunately through all of the bullshit you get those rare cases of true talent. They leak through the cracks & corporate schemes and build up a brand established via quality work & consistency. Well here's once of those artists about the burst throught those cracks. I suggest it's time you WAKE THE FUCK UP to Glory, an Emcee On The Rise. Hailing from Flint, MI. Glory has laced three projects in the last couple years as shown above. From his two solo efforts to his crew compilation he has consistently held his own verse after verse. Michigan has been brewing up a class of excellent emcees whom of Glory is one surely to shine. Here's a few standout tracks from the above projects to give you a sampling of the up & coming artists impressive catalog. Glory is currently in the lab grinding his ass off making more material to bounce off your eardrums. In the meantime Sparkhop will keep you updated on the latest from his upcoming projects. You can learn more about Glory at: Twitter: @Glorydayz or Bandcamp: & remember WAKE THE FUCK UP! - Joe Commisso

"Jus Ra Bio"

Deon "Jus Ra" Flynn was born in Flint Michigan. He grew up in a household of 5 (mother, father, younger brother, older brother) in a pretty decent neighborhood. Music was always a big part of his life so taking it up as a profession was only a matter of time. During his years as a recording artist he's worked with labels such as Greyt records owned by Mark Taylor and artists such as: Alumni, Shava Jay, E-1C a.k.a Slim City, Crown Black and Jon E. Fontane. He also formed a small group of artists known as the Wide Nation. In 2005 Jus Ra met up with two producers named Rio and P’Caso. The three along with another producer, J-Duces, came together to make a label called Block Symphony. They later became Ill Konceptz Music Group due to creative and business differences. In 2007 Jus ra along with Ill Konceptz released a mixtape called The Cypher. The project, entirely produced in house, was received very well in the streets and on college radio stations. Jus Ra also featured on many albums and mixtapes on the local Flint & Detroit hip hop scene. After opening up for platinum major recording artists such as Freeway, Rocko, Young Buck and Chamillionaire, he was invited to perform at the Get Seen Get Signed music conference that was held in Chicago.

As of late Jus Ra has released his highly praised mixtape Hope & Despair along side his debut album entitled Not Without Doubts. The album is being distributed through and is currently on sale on retail sites such as, and

Jus Ra is currently hard at work on his next mixtape Infamous. The project will feature production from all over the country including some high profile names such as Prolyfic and B. Corder. The tape also promises to offer the same lyrical intensity and attention to the craft Jus Ra has come to be known for throughout his career. - Jus Ra

"Trav Williams and MoonChild: Better Late Than Never EP"

Trav, who is now signed to HiPNOTT Records, hadn't put out some new music in nearly a year, so check out his reemergence in the game with this great six song EP - Shamz- Okayplayer

"Robo Robb and MoonChild Present Save The Music"

Dope production and dope rhymes make for dope music. -

"Robo Robb and MoonChild Present Save The Music"

If it couldn’t get any better (and it does), Save the Music actually plays out like a real story, where a robot from Earth and a child from the moon embark on a crusade to save the music. Robo Robb and Moonchild make for an exciting team, and when the music is in their hands we need not worry - Jason Parham- URB Magazine

"Robo Robb and MoonChild Presents: Save The Music"

Though not nationally known, Detroit natives Robo Robb (the emcee) and Moonchild (the producer) rank with some of the best tandems in history — be it the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin or the legendary twosome Eric B. and Rakim - Jason Parham- URB Magazine

"Robo Robb and MoonChild Presents: Save The Music"

This album (Save The Music) is full of some cool listening music. Beats are Ridiculously on point. Moonchild has become a monster on production carefully mixing chopping and adding drums and whatever else it take to make a full sounding record - Uncle P-

"Trav Williams and MoonChild: Better Late Than Never EP"

It is a privilege to bring to you an exclusive collaboration between Potholes & KevinNottingham today, Better Late Than Never. With Trav Williams on the raps and MoonChild on the boards, these two cook up an EP for the internet age - and Potholes In My blog




Moonchild is the Producer/President of Hi-Hill Recordings. Hailing from Metro- Detroit, he's been influenced by hip-hop since childhood. Moonchild became inspired from an early age, choosing to follow in the footsteps of his uncle “Brian”, older brother “Oronde” and his cousin “Uncle P” – who are all respected musicians within his home state of Michigan. His talents developed first as an emcee before he soon found his calling as a producer. He cites his other musical influences from a production perspective as being J Dilla, Timbaland, and DJ Premier.

A laid back and humble individual, he prefers to remain behind the scenes and shies away from the glare of the spotlight, choosing instead to quietly push his artists. As he prepares to release “For The Love Of Music Part 2”, Moonchild is also getting ready to graduate with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a specialism in Healthcare proving himself to be not only a talented musician, but something of an academic too.

A true advocate for Michigan hip hop, Moonchild has released collaboration projects with artists from his local area such as the “Save the Music” LP back in 2008 with Robo Robb. The “Better Late than Never” EP which dropped last year and was presented by popular hip hop blogger – Kevin Nottingham. “Love of Music Part 1” (also a Kevin Nottingham collaboration) was released in September 2011 and has received positive recognition both in the US and Europe alike. The project has been spotlighted on blogs such as Planet Ill, The, Hiphopdx, Urb magazine, Okayplayer, Real Detroit, Pot In My Holes, Urbanologymag, Whutupdoe, Rawroots, and of course – Kevin to name a few.

Fans now wait in anticipation for “The Love of Music Part 2” EP, which is scheduled for release by early December. If you are not onto Moonchild yet, you have definitely been sleeping on one of the game’s hottest new talents. He has his sights set on becoming one of the most respected in the game before 2012 is over and if you take a listen to the music, you’ll know it’s about to happen…

“Hip hop is expression to me. As a young man listening to it, I’ve always loved it. Once I’d got an ear for it and started to create, it was an outlet for me. I realized I could stay out of trouble and express myself in a positive way. Hip hop is a Saviour for me”. - Moonchild