MoonDawg is an experienced origninal rock band booking shows to support our album release. We play 45min to 3hour shows & we setup quickly & professionally.


MoonDawg is a Rock 'n Roll band who plays music that resembles Classic 70's rock attitude but with modern sounds and lyrics. The band hails from Winona, MN on the Mighty Mississippi River and the eclectic music would be good for either raging down the bluffs on your bike, or paddling the backwaters. ...but what it all comes down to is the show. MoonDawg has a solid live performance that you're gonna love.

Moon Dawg recorded their first album "Ajama" in February 2005 and shortly after recorded their first DVD, "Live at Rascals." Both were great successes. In December 2005, the band made their stepping-stone recording, "The EP," which outlined the stylistic evolution of the band at the time.

After the birth of "The EP" the band really started turning up the heat and touring throughout the midwest. In early 2007 Moon Dawg picked up Rock 'n Roll drumming sensation, Al MacDonald, and together made a solemn vow to reincarnate the essence of Rock.

Moon Dawg worked diligently on thier new album "Dreams Fall" and released it this winter (2008). It has already changed many lives and will definitely change yours.


Dreams Fall
February 2008
1. Antifader
2. Covered In Crimson
3. Hell Cube
4. Have Another One
5. Too Late
6. Indifference
7. Ayden's Song
8. 25 Years
9. Go!
10.Bloody Bubblicious
11.Dreams Fall

1. Eager Beaver
2. Remember Me
3. Say What's On Your Mind
4. Brand New Name

1. Scott's Groove
2. Dream Dancer
3. Walking Song
4. Comin' Down
5. Ajama
6. Pretty Little Smile
7. Why You Gotta Do Me?
8. Badada
9. 507 Monkey Wax
11.Orgasmic Isolation
12.Could Have Been Your Mom (reprise)

Set List

We have a long list of recorded songs along with songs waiting to be laid down. (around 45 originals and currently 3-4 in the works) We also have a number of covers that we rotate in and out of our sets including everything from Pink Floyd to the Beastie Boys.

Current Covers
Beastie Boys: Fight For Your Right
Pink Floyd: Run Like Hell
Pink Floyd: In the Flesh
Pink Floyd: Comfortably Numb
Pink Floyd: Fearless
Queen: Fat Bottom Girls
Foo Fighters: Everlong
Phish: First Tube
Police: All I Want Is To Be Next To You
311: Beautiful Disaster
Jimi Hendrix: Fire
TV Series "Weeds" Theme: Tiny Boxes
Morphine: Cure For Pain
Morphine: French Fries With Pepper

Our covers change as we like to rotate what we play at live shows... but prefer to play our own music.