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Moondog Matinee

Reno, Nevada, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Reno, Nevada, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Indie




"Last Night the Devil Learned My Name"

Exclusive Premiere: Moondog Matinee, ‘Last Night the Devil Learned My Name’
by Chuck Armstrong June 11, 2015 8:00 AM
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Moondog Matinee

Blues-soaked rockers Moondog Matinee are gearing up for the release of their second studio album, Carry Me, Rosie, later this summer. Today (June 11), Diffuser is thrilled to partner with the band to debut the brand-new track, “Last Night the Devil Learned My Name” — check it out in the audio player below.

Though Moondog Matinee first formed in 2010, their music conveys a deep, rich understanding of gritty rock and roll that sounds like it was developed decades ago.

“‘Last Night the Devil Learned My Name’ is an homage to the classic crossroads folklore of early blues, coupled with the true tales of debauchery that take place in the alleys, behind the bars, and the seedy motels of Reno on any given night,” the band tells us about the new track.

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""Carry Me, Rosie" album review"

Moondog Matinee is the epitome of blues and rock ‘n’ roll. Their forthcoming sophomore album, Carry me, Rosie, set to be released this summer, is an explosive fusion of drums, electric guitar, and powerhouse vocals. Carry me, Rosie embodies the true essence of rock music and is definitely something to look forward to for the summer. This album will make you feel melancholy, like a musical time machine nostalgically taking you back into the 1950s. If you have ever been walking down the street, envisioning the perfect soundtrack of your life in your head, well look no further, this is it!

“Last Night the Devil Learned My Name” sounds like a song straight out of the classic American crime movie “Thelma and Louise” just as they’re making a break for the border. With the lead singer’s raw and rugged vocals defining blues, backed by a talented band of musicians hitting every note right on the head, you can’t help but join in and play along air band style. “Ghost Dime,” as the title predicts, is an eerily haunting track and the perfect karaoke/bar song. With powerful vocals to belt along to with your buddies, the inner rock star in you is sure to come out! Overall if you’re in a rebellious mood and looking for an album to listen to from front to back this summer, Carry me, Rosie is the album for you! - Spill Magazine


What is rock and roll? We’ve speculated on here in the past as to where it came from and what it’s become, and how blurred the line has gotten. Without going into too much detail, so as you can see for yourself, we will undeniably put the stamp of rock on Moondog Matinee. Not that we are any certified authority on the issue, we can’t notarize this claim or nothin official like that, but we can of course claim it and stand firmly behind our opinion.

This is not to say that rock is the only game going. We love all types of tunes. We’re just overwhelmed by all the stuff that parades as rock but doesn’t belong in that category. It’s nice to get a whiff of something that doesn’t parade as anything, but rather, it just rocks. Which is of course why we roll… - Jam in the Van

"Album Review, Moondog Matinee"

I'm a pretty blatant Blind Melon fan. Their self titled album came out right when I started realizing how important this music shit was to me. I don't just remember the feeling of that cassette case in my right hand with my walkman in the other, I can still imagine the fucking smell of that album as I sat in the backseat of my parents' minivan on some vacation to nowhere in particular.

Those solo road trips with my music took me from a fan of music to a fucking fiend for music. I started to take these road trips with one or two friends once I got my license and the truckstop tape displays were where I would drop 5 bucks on some random tape I would never even think of buying on CD from Sam Goody bro.

One tape I remember specifically (as it pertains to this band Moondog Matinee) was the Best of The Guess Who. That fucking tape. That fucking throat. Those fucking songs.

Those fucking songs are what I think of when I think of highway music bro. I don't think of the strangely intoxicating odor your body can emit after driving for three days straight, I don't think of shitting in strange bathrooms with the phone numbers of even stranger strangers scrawled on the stall walls, I don't think of getting pulled over by hick cops and having your car searched for no other reason than you smell like reefer; I think about the Allman Brothers, The Guess Who, Blind Melon, The Doors, etc..

These fucking bands gave my addiction to music forward momentum.

I'm also a fucking sucker for rock and roll movies. The first time I saw Almost Famous I shat literal rocks and rolls of shit. My rock and roll dreams were unfolding in front of me in story form, but better. Almost Famous, The Doors movie, Rockstar, any and all of these movies make me sentimental for the time when music was all I wanted out of life. I didn't need a house or a car or a savings account, I just needed to fucking jam bro.

So here I am fifteen years later slapping my steering wheel to some band I've never heard of, but I've heard somewhere in my fucking memories, Moondog Matinee.

Moondog Matinee sound exactly like all of those memories of rock and roll sentimentality, topped off with the visuals of the movies that fed my rock and roll dreams. The distortion feels warm as shit, the vocals are fucking stellar, the vibe is bluesy without sounding cheap, the songs are crafted in a way that highlights not just the musicians playing it, but the people listening to this shit (before stripping off their clothes and fucking everything in sight like our parents did), Moondog Matinee have given me a fucking classic rock niche boning classic rock niche boner. This is classic ass fucking ass fucking rock for 2015 performed by, what I can only assume are people who grew up like I did, in the back seat of the car bumping the same fucking tunes their dad bumped, not because we were forced to but because the music our parents loved was fucking awesome (except Procol Harem. FUCK THAT SHIT.).

I can't think of a more perfect way of setting you up to be in fucking lust with these assholes then to tell you they remind me of how happy music used to make me.

Of course this was before I found out about PR reps who have never actually listened to your music, or record label owners who try and sneak a few extra thousands of dollars out of your agreement without your knowing, or booking agents who will only book your band if someone else who does coke with him recommends you to him when he's sober, or bar owners who say a "percentage of the door" is $100 even if you couldn't unload your equipment until the bar emptied out a little bit.

The music business is fucking gross and it's full of extremely shady and evil people.

But fuck those people. Moondog Matinee is perhaps my favorite "is this classic rock?" album of the summer and you should totally fucking fanboy the shit out of these assholes, or you're a fucking asshole.





Vacancy at the Wonder Lodge

Carry Me, Rosie



"In a world of pseudo-sexual anarchy, Moondog Matinee is the real
deal. Is it contradictory to describe this group's sound as derivative
yet undeniably authentic? Yes, and no. But maybe there's an inkling of
lustful innocence that encompasses this band of wandering heathens. What
I am trying to say is not entirely clear, but what I do know is that
the chaotic grace that exudes from their live performance will haunt you
for years to come."

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